Trump administration rejects requests to fly rainbow flags during LGBTQ Pride month at U.S embassies

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cxllxde / YouTube

How low can Trump go? It’s hard to say these days. NBC News reports that U.S. embassies all over the world have had requests to fly the LGBTQ pride rainbow flag rejected by the Trump administration.

How many embassies have had their requests denied is not exactly known, but reports mention at least four: in Israel, Germany, Brazil, and Latvia. This flies in the face of Trump’s assertion only a week ago that his administration would be standing in “solidarity” with the many LGBTQ people around the world who are oppressed.

Keep in mind, Trump is still selling LGBTQ pride shirts on his campaign website. The self-styled “most pro-LGBT Republican Presidential nominee in history” doesn’t have a good record of supporting LGBTQ rights so far. It is no surprise that the man who is afraid of a ship named after the late Sen. John McCain would also have a policy of hiding a rainbow flag from public view.

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