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Donald Trump has been rightly excoriated for dragging his feet when it comes to addressing the domestic spread of COVID-19. So what’s he doing now? That’s right — dragging his feet some more. (Those clown shoes offer a lot of protection from the asphalt, apparently.)

Bloomberg is reporting that the Trump administration has “signaled a willingness” to lift tariffs on medical supplies from China as health care workers scream at the top of their suddenly endangered lungs for more masks, ventilators, and other crucial equipment.

The U.S. Trade Representative, in a statement late Friday, invited the public, businesses and government agencies to submit “comments on possible further modifications to remove duties from additional medical care products.”

Now, as the Covid-19 emergency throws the U.S. and European economies into tailspins, the White House is coming under increasing pressure to lift those tariffs to let medical supplies flow more freely.

USTR said the comment period will run until June 25 and won’t replace the process to request exclusions from the tariffs. Comments submitted “are limited to comments on products subject to the tariff actions and relevant to the medical response to the coronavirus,” the USTR said.

A comment period? I have a few comments. I’m sure you do, too. But they have f*#k all to do with Chinese medical supplies.

Let’s see, the regal dingleberry bogusly cited national security concerns to raise tariffs in the past, and now that we have a real emergency he’s going to sit on his tiny, tiny hands for a spell?

That makes sense.

Of course, when asked earlier in the week whether he’d consider tariff relief as this crisis continues to unfold, Trump trotted out one of his all-time favorite lies: “There’s no reason to do that. China is paying us billions and billions of dollars in tariffs. I can’t imagine Americans asking for that.”

China is not paying us billions of dollars in tariffs. How many times do we have to explain this to you, you illiterate sack of ungulate scrotes?

Remember when he said he would have run into the middle of a gunfight to save high school students even if he were unarmed? He didn’t mention he’d have to delay action until after a three-month comment period. Kind of blunts the frisson of pride I felt in having such a macho president.

Can we at least import some bone-spur-removing tweezers so our president is allowed to take bolder action?


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