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The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday released a report highlighting foreign-born individuals convicted of terrorism charges here in the United States (PDF). Backed by the Department of Homeland Security, DOJ entirely omitted data on domestic terrorism incidents. And what statistics the government did produce are completely contradicted by counter-terrorism experts. The administration is trying to argue that terrorism on American soil is largely carried out by the “foreign-born”; the experts insist that it’s the other way around—that U.S. citizens have been the majority of the offenders since 9/11.

So, because we don’t have sufficient terrorism to justify keeping people from certain areas away, we need to create sufficient numbers to correlate with the “threat”? Of course, they’re not really fooling anyone:

What’s more, the report’s release appears to have been timed—though the White House called the timing “purely coincidental”—to tie national security to ongoing administration efforts to end two U.S. visa programs as a condition of congressional immigration negotiations.

This is exactly what one comes to expect from a dictatorship. The state subsumes what had heretofore been; real numbers accounted for by non-partisan professionals in order to paint a picture of reality, and instead first inserts the “desired reality” and walks the numbers back to fit the theme. What comes next is obvious:

Within hours of the report’s release, Republican lawmakers were invoking it to promote efforts to do away with those two programs. In a statement on Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, pegged the report to his legislation, the Securing America’s Future Act, that would do away with family-based visas and the diversity visa lottery. “These findings are further proof that we need to pass legislation expeditiously to strengthen our borders and enforce our existing laws,” McCaul wrote in a statement.

Of course.

Because Muslim terrorists didn’t kill enough people and cause enough terror, the United States government had to create “ a more terrifying Muslim terror threat.”

Disgusting people.

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