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Our descent into fascism is continuing unabated.

Bill Browder is the American/British financier who uncovered $230M tax fraud scheme in Russia, and was subsequently blamed for the fraud while his auditor Sergei Magnitsky was murdered in Russian prison- leading to the Magnitsky act and sanctions at the center of Trump’s Russia collusion.

Russia is desperately trying to get their hands on Browder in order to tie up the loose ends on Putin’s corruption and fraud. They’ve issued 5 Interpol arrest warrants- weaponizing Interpol for their corrupt and anti-western schemes.

Except now they have collaborators in the White House and US Congress. Right after Russia issued the latest Interpol warrant for Browder, the Trump administration revoked his US visa.

This is an outrage. Trump is not only doing Putin’s bidding, but he’s using Putin’s tactics. 

Here’s Browder’s statement on Twitter:

This is referring to a National Review article, which explains a lot more:

Why Is Bill Browder Banned from America?

In the wake of Canada’s new Magnitsky act, Putin has tried again. Tried for a fifth time. Interpol has accepted his request. Worse, the U.S. government seems in partnership with the Kremlin: Our government has revoked Browder’s visa. (American-born, Browder is a British citizen.) What the …?

Let this error be corrected speedily. It’s Putin’s killers and thieves who should be barred from the U.S., not their nemesis, Browder.

This is totally outrageous and cannot stand. These are dangerous times.

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