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The Wall Street Journal reports that the Trump administration has completely given up on its attempt to find a candidate to fill the number three position at the Justice Department.

No one wants the job.

Obviously, anyone who occupies the number three position at the department — behind Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — could at some point become the next in line to be fired, criticized, or tweet-shamed, whatever Donald Trump thinks of, should he fire Rosenstein, who is currently overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election.

“The delay in filling the post is the latest sign of the difficulties besetting the agency, which lacks permanent, politically appointed leaders to oversee at least five high-profile units, including the criminal, civil and tax division,.”

According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, most candidates balk at the thought of having  to sit for hearings and a confirmation process sure to be concentrated almost solely upon the Russian probe and not the job which the person is actually in position to fill.

The problem is not limited to the Justice Department, or this particular position or problem, as noted in the quote. It goes even deeper, throughout the administration. The bottom line is that very few quality people want to work for the Trump administration.

According to the uber-conservative National Review, as of March in 2018:

That said, the president hasn’t moved nearly fast enough in filling out the sub-cabinet government of officials who, because they are personally appointed by the president, are charged with making Trump policies a reality. Of the top 640 jobs that require Senate confirmation, the Partnership for Public Service has calculated that fewer than half — 275 — have been confirmed and are on the job. Another 144 people have been named or nominated but are awaiting confirmation. A total of 217 positions — a third of the total — have never had anyone named to fill them.

Sure, some of it can be chalked up to the fact that Trump can’t be bothered to set up a proper government. Trump wants to be King, or “Supreme Dear Leader” and doesn’t need “positions” filled. So, this is not a priority. But, the problem is also indicative of the fact that very few good and qualified people want anything to do with this administration.


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