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Oh my god.

Larry Kudlow, fighting for a place in the running for “dumbest White House advisor,” went on CNBC this morning for an interview, and we learned a great deal more than Kudlow and Trump likely intended.

First of all, did you know that a renowned war-criminal is representing the United States in trade talks with China? We do now, as we found out the Henry Kissinger – a man responsible for countless deaths at the behest of brutal (but pro-American) dictators in the early 70s – is quietly operating as a U.S. agent in talks with president Xi of China:

Eamon Javers, a CNBC journalist covering the economy, reported on the remarks Kudlow made to a group of reporters. Kudlow said that Henry Kissinger, President Richard Nixon’s former secretary of State, had recently been to the White House — and he has also recently met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping twice.

No United States president should want any association with Henry Kissenger, as the man has no moral compass whatsoever. But, of course, Trump has no moral compass and I suppose it is a match made in heaven.

Do we not have an entire Department that exists to handle these very specific things, such as trade talks?

Trump really likes avoiding the State Department when it comes to “private talks.” What the hell do you want to bet that Trump has a private citizen, a ruthless one who never cared about criminal or immoral behavior, as a back-channel to Xi because Trump is offering “goodies” in a trade agreement in exchange for an investigation of Biden?

And then there is this, which should take your breath away:

Ah, but Kudlow’s brain kicked in a moment later when he realized he just said something extremely honest, and that is very bad:

Absolute bullshit. You already told us the part you’re proud of, and thus your little “retraction” is in no way moving me. Trump cares as much about human rights as he does about corruption.


Indeed, from everything we have seen, Trump vastly prefers nations that crackback on their citizens over those like, oh, Canada, Denmark, and France, those nations at which he sneers.

What do you want to bet that Trump just wishes he could arrest Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi right now? You can feel it, can’t you? The only thing holding Trump back is knowing that the limits to his power exist somewhere out there, and starting to arrest politicians could easily lead to his arrest at some point.

But he fantasizes about it, I can near guarantee.

No, he doesn’t care about human rights. And China definitely wants Trump re-elected because, for all we know, China now has plenty of kompromat on Trump and knows it can control him, if needed. What better American to talk to than Henry Kissenger, who never met a dictator he didn’t love, and sure doesn’t care about human rights, democracy or Democrats, either.

God help us.


Peace, y’all

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