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It is starting to really hit and the media is just now catching-up. The administration is tearing at the seems through it’s own self-destructive character. It happens to be doing so at a point in time when Mueller seems to be closing in on the objective of his investigation. As if that were not enough, international stability no longer seems as …well, “stable,” a diving-Dow Jones now causes real problems in boardrooms throughout the globe, the Western world now truly understands the depth of the threat that Putin-influenced fascist populism poses, and China is on the rise all over the globe.

We get so much media, so many “angles” from so many sources, it is often hard to stand back and gaze at the forest, suddenly noticing the flames dancing up right in front of us.

To the extent that we non-Fox, non-Breitbart citizens saw any stability in the White House, it rested on the shoulders of a former Marine General in John Kelly. But, Kelly now seems – appropriately – on the brink of a politically-forced resignation due to his unforgivable tolerance of wife-beaters who couldn’t qualify for the basic security clearances. Apparently, Kelly stood more than ready to overlook even the most obvious and offensive wife-beater in search of a steady-hand at the president’s side.

Rob Porter, purportedly, at least offered a steady hand in dealing with the mechanics of running the executive branch, something “assumed” as entry-level necessity of most presidents, but sorely missing within this administration up to a point. It is not hard to believe that Porter did add some competence where it was most needed. It is stunning that a similarly competent person who hadn’t beaten a spouse (or two) was not available to do the job.

Kelly now looks like everyone else the administration burned through, incapable of the type of judgment expected within the White House. He is a liability, and that is simply devastating news.

The fact is, this president couldn’t even hire a top-tier lawyer to defend him, he is that toxic. Not a single person has entered this administration and had his or her standing and respect lifted through service. The Trump administration buzz saws through each participants gifts, and cuts to the bone, exposing deep inner-flaws. Not surprising, because many of us believe that one must be deeply flawed to begin with if one supports this president and the obvious devastating danger he represents.

Whether Kelly weathers this storm is near irrelevant. Trump is furious at him for making Trump look bad, again (because it’s never Trump himself that causes the issues, not in his mind). The Conservative media can cover any pile of horse shit with daisy petals, but the smell is real. There now exists a tension between the man in charge, a president whom the world knows cannot be trusted, and the other man in charge, whom the world now knows, is not trusted, and is not trust-worthy on many issues.

There’s no longer an adult fully in charge of the White House. Perhaps there never was, but the world could at least believe it was possible.

Trump being Trump, took this mess and urinated all over it, finding a way to make the crises worse. Trump has spent a lifetime abusing women, and thus had obvious and sincere sympathy about having to fire his wife-beating aide, while not mentioning the women Porter bruised and battered along the way to career achievement.

“He did a very good job when he was in the White House. And we hope he has a wonderful career and he will have a great career ahead of him,” Trump said in brief remarks in the Oval Office. “But it was very sad when we heard about it and certainly he’s also very sad now.”


Porter is not the only “competent at his job” person leaving important positions. Others, some out of dignity, some shamed, are also leaving. No White House has crushed more people at such a pace. But the problem is even greater. Good people, people who do good work, even conservative ones, now know that Trump has the “reverse-Midas” touch with respect to anyone participating in either business or government, with the possible exception of Vladimir Putin.

Putin now has – at a bare minimum, the most submissive Russo-friendly president, ever, or a traitorous puppet doing Putin’s bidding as the “real president of the United States.” To the rational outside observer, there’s no  pragmatic policy difference at this point. It is only a question of Trump’s ultimate culpability and our nation’s future as a self-governing democracy that remains to be determined.

Now, with respect to “rational outside observers who matter,” I am speaking of those two or three hundred CEOs and billionaires that control the world, of course, those particular rational outside observers are perfectly fine with either choice, a Russo-phile, or democracy-destroying-puppet in the White House, so long as taxes are on the down beat, and the Dow on the rise …. thus the White House now faces a new problem.

Again, reality enters the picture. The world cannot know whether the Dow’s down week represents a mature correction in over-priced stocks that got a little drunk on tax cuts over Christmas, or whether the world recognizes the danger of having a presidency in chaos, perhaps about to be indicted, Putin with an agenda, and instability everywhere. It could be that the world stubbornly decided that those pesky factual dangers must now be “priced-in” to the state of the world’s wealth. If it is the latter (and it might well be) the trouble for the White House is that no one really knows the “price” of that instability, perhaps the market is 50% over-valued. After all, a man worried about the size of his button, one who doesn’t have a real foreign policy, and one about to sign a budget deal of some sort guaranteed to send the U.S. deficit reeling, as it ALWAYS DOES under a Republican president and Congress, is at the helm. Who the fuck knows what that is “worth” as a check on the state of the world’s economy?

Fact is, Abraham Damn Lincoln could be president of the United States and those CEOs and bankers that control the world will NOT be happy with his leadership, if their personal wealth falls along with the Dow. The White House faces a pressure it never knew to guard, and this one can’t be beaten back by pep-rallies, propaganda destroying faith in the FBI, or even the United States military. It is a force that cannot be repelled by anything except rising share value, and it might well be about to set straight upon the top of the big white mansion.

And then there’s Mueller. Trump only worries about Mueller because Trup only cares about Trump. Mueller can ruin Trump, clearly. Trump just openly admitted that the truth about him cannot be told in the United States. Trump denying the release of the Democratic memo is a big blinking sign. Mueller has evidence so damaging that obvious “appearances of desperation” like the denial of the release of the memo do not matter. It is simple logic that compels the rational to know that Russians control Trump through and through, and Mueller knows it. The “how and why” Russians control Trump must be horribly ugly, and Trump is fighting for his presidency, and ultimately his wealth and future against Mueller, who knows the truth, and happens to be a man who may well-be the world’s best and most experienced prosecutor.

No matter how it all turns out, it WILL be ugly getting there.

Thus it is that the world looks on, seeing what had been the world’s “necessary power” – the United States – and overall force for good corporate business, if not good morals, almost out of the picture, mired in its own crises. It opens opportunities for others.

China noticed, and is now making in-roads of power in Africa and the Middle-East. There is no “rule” that the United States must be the most powerful and influential nation on Earth, and China looks to be all-too-aware that no such “rule” exists. China has the money, the industry and the people to step into that role, rather quickly, and it’s just so much easier when the United States doesn’t have a real president who is paying attention.

It’s probably best to end with Russia, since, really – that’s where it all began, Trump wouldn’t be president without them. Putin is in far too much control of U.S. foreign policy, of that simple point, all reasonable people can agree.

What does Putin want? Clearly he wants to do what he wants without the damn United States or NATO bothering him. Putin certainly wants to regain Soviet-era influence in Eastern Europe, and is stoking the requisite populist flames to establish that beachhead. With respect to Western Europe, he most likely simply wants to be left alone, much like with the United States. But, “left alone” in this context certainly means “left alone” to establish real Russian power in the oil-soaked Middle East. Russia has two basic resources in its “Italy-sized” economy; oil, and the best fking computer engineers and hackers in the world. Putin now has the opportunity to take advantage of Russia’s suddenly-freed oil industry to muscle into the Middle East, and the “net manipulation” to ease the process. The world should look extremely closely at the next “terrorist uprising” in Iraq, Iran, or the Gulf, or “governmental instability” in those nations, because Putin’s intel-services could easily be the ultimate instigators.

The analysis has run a little long here, and perhaps this is unbelievably self-important, but someone clearly must point out that the White House is in chaos, the business world is on the brink of chaos, and much of the world ready to take advantage of global chaos …all at the same time. The broad-scoped view deserves attention. In fact, it deserves much much more attention than whether Nunes’ next move buys the president six more weeks, or gets Nunes six extra years at sentencing, news that occupies perhaps too large a fraction of media-attention.

The United States has unbelievably strong institutional muscle. It oozes stability, thank god. So far, even Trump hasn’t destroyed that institutional strength completely. But, the foundation is cracking, and cracking at a rate it has never cracked to this point. The media is just catching-up to the crises moment for Trump and the world. As said earlier, there’s no rule that the United States must exist as the beacon of Jeffersonian Democracy, the world’s necessary-power, the “controller” of the globe. There’s no rule that our country must remain rich, free and alive, all at the same time.

The White House is about to be tested, our country is about to be tested, like never before. Perhaps we have some “Churchill” in us, and this existential “war” on the legitimacy of the United States and its people will be our finest hour.

Perhaps not.

But the test cannot be put off any longer. It is at the door, reaching for the doorbell that will ring in the next weeks.

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