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New White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is quickly learning the limits of his power. Oh, he can fire Poochie. He can run interference on the other members of the administration, limiting their contact with Trump and requiring his permission before even sending Trump memos. But Donald Trump will not be deprived of his Twitter fix, and anyone who suggests a thing is treading on dangerous, very pouty ground.

A series of news reports suggesting Kelly had sought oversight of Trump’s Twitter account, including a report that claimed Kelly wanted to know in advance what the president planned to post, made their way to Trump’s desk last week, a person familiar with the situation told the Washington Examiner.

Trump “was pissed when he read Kelly wanted to control his Twitter feed,” the person said.

So it looks like we can end discussion over whether hiring military man John Kelly will bring a bit of decorum and discipline to Donald Trump’s Twitter habits, which at the moment consist of Trump insulting people, Trump blasting Russia stories, and Trump responding to things he just saw on Fox News. John Kelly may or may not be able to retain complete command over the rest of Donald Trump’s team, but if he makes a move to block Donald Trump from his cherished Twitter then the next tweet Donald will make will be an announcement of a brand new chief of staff.

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