I’m sure all of us have been to Trump_Regrets on Twitter before. [Ed. Trump_Regrets reposts tweets from people who regret voting for Trump.] Some use it religiously (that’s me) to make us feel better there is hope in the future. It really is a small sample size though so in the back of our heads we always wonder how widespread the Trump Regret spans.

But that isn’t easily spotted. Most people don’t do what that Tennessee voter did and tell the world they made a mistake voting for Trump. People admitting they were wrong is far too hard, so they will do so silently. They’ll pretend they never voted for him or just stop talking about him. It’s not obvious so it’s hard to get a feel on where his support level is at.

Well it being a slow news day and not having much else to do I decided to look into Trump’s favorite past time: tweeting. It’s a small sample size because we’ve only been through 70 odd days (feels like 70 years to be honest), but my simple analysis revealed a shocking decline in support in a very short period of time.

I looked at how many likes each tweet got for the month of February and the month of March.

Tweets in February: 147

Under 50,000 likes: 4

Over 50,000 likes: 20

Over 75,000 likes: 40

Over 100,000 likes: 74

Over 200,000 likes: 9

Tweets in March: 141

Under 50,000 likes: 31

Over 50,000 likes: 41

Over 75,000 likes: 33

Over 100,000 likes: 36

Over 200,000 likes: 0

Luckily it worked out having a similar sample size of Tweets each month. Looking at the numbers shows a huge tumble in Trump’s social media support. Will it go down further? My guess is yes.

So if you need a little pick me up that the world isn’t as awful as it feels right now or even want to laugh at the orange clown with the crown take a look and realize there’s a lot of people abandoning Tweety Mctwit. That, my friends should give us hope for a better tomorrow.

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