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Trump’s Spreading Taint 

About two weeks ago (3,698 weeks in Trump time) Samantha Bee coined the apt phrase “Trump’s Spreading Taint,”  to describe how all those linked to Trump manage to find themselves worse off sooner or later.  

And it seems to be getting more and more true. And spreading-er and spreading-er.

For example, things look bad today for our pal Paul Ryan who has no leadership to help him Face Debt Ceiling Dilemma

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) faces a problem: The gap between what House conservatives want for raising the debt limit and what they can actually get is looking increasingly vast ― and Ryan may pay a price if he simply turns to Democrats and passes a clean raise to the government’s borrowing authority.

Some in the GOP are suggesting Ryan’s job could be on the line.

Sorry, not sorry.

Speaking of sorry, check out this NYT headline “Sorry, Mike Pence, You’re Doomed

Turns our the taint is spreading to Pence too.  Check this out from the article:

he’s in a no-win situation. Without Trump he’s nothing. With Trump he’s on a runaway train that he can’t steer or brake. If it doesn’t crash, Trump can scream down the tracks straight through 2020. If it does, Pence will be one of the casualties.

He trumpets his conservative Christianity and avoids supping alone with any woman other than his wife, then turns around and steadfastly enables an avowed groper with a bulging record of profanely sexual comments.

No wonder he wants and expects a reward as lavish as the White House itself: He sold his soul. But I don’t think he studied the contract closely enough and thought the whole thing through.

There’s no political afterlife in this equation, just the loopy, mortifying limbo in which he and so many of Trump’s other acolytes dwell.

Yikes — that doesn’t sound good!

Perhaps to avoid the spreading taint (I promise that is the last time I will use that phrase; yes I realize you now need to shower again) people seem to be turning on Donnie posthaste.  

A list of who hates Trump:

1. His base

Trump’s base is crumbling

The one thing President Trump has had, through thick and thin, is his base. And amid signs that it was beginning to waver, Trump assured us Monday that it was “stronger than ever.”

Then came more polls that drive home how untrue that is.

A CNN poll and an Investor’s Business Daily poll, both released late Monday, show somewhat different pictures of Trump’s overall approval. The CNN poll pegs it at 38 percent — around where it has been in other polling for a while — while the IBD poll shows it at a painfully low 32 percent. That’s the lowest of any high-quality poll in Trump’s entire presidency.

But both polls actually reinforce the idea that Trump’s support among the base is in decline.

The IBD poll shows Trump’s decline even more acutely, with 71 percent of Republicans approving of him. That’s down from 83 percent just a month ago.

2. New Jersey

New Jersey Hates Trump

Outside the confines of his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, President Donald Trump isn’t exactly vacationing in friendly territory.

It’s not just the organized protest motorcades around the club, or the nearby cornfield where the word “RESIST” has been cut in 70-foot letters, along with the female sign, visible from the air.

Aside from Gov. Chris Christie’s warm welcome, the president is getting a chilly reception from the state’s political class, which is greeting his presence in New Jersey with a shrug — or worse.

3. Late night comedians

The late night comedians are on our side, which is great.

4 Mitch McConnell

McConnell goes after Trump’s ‘excessive expectations’ 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Monday expressed frustration with what he called President Trump’s “excessive expectations” of the legislative process as Republicans struggle to chalk up major achievements under a united government.

During a speech to the Florence Rotary Club in Kentucky, McConnell said many of Trump’s “artificial deadlines” are “unrelated to reality,” indicating the president may not fully grasp the ins and outs of lawmaking.

5. Rich assholes

Fundraising slows at pro-Trump super PACs

The super PACs that raised tens of millions of dollars to help elect President Trump have seen their fundraising slow dramatically since the election.

Of the five largest big-money machines the support Trump during the presidential election, only two are still pulling in contributions. Another super PAC that formed just after Trump’s inauguration is already idling.

6. the Right-Wing

Even RedState which, true to its name, is a right wing website, is taking on Trump with an article titled: Trump Is Not The Victim Of A Slow-Rolling Coup; He Is The Victim Of His Own Incompetence

This is good not only because they are turning on Trump, but they are debunking the narrative that he is “under attack” from the dangerous left.

Honestly, are we dangerous or snowflakes?  I wish they would decide already.  It is hard enough to decide what to wear every morning without evening knowing what we are 😉

Other News

Why the Trump Organization could be Trump’s undoing

The president may be waking to the possibility that Mueller will drag this unseemly marketplace into the glare of public scrutiny. In a revealing interview with the Times last month, Trump signaled that he expects investigators to find some transactions that will undercut his claims to do no business with Russia. “I mean, it’s possible there’s a condo or something,” he said. “I sell a lot of condo units, and somebody from Russia buys a condo, who knows?”

Exactly. Who knows? Our president has been operating for years in an industry notorious for blurred lines between honest and dishonest money. Whether he and his family have managed to walk this tightrope without slipping is something only time, and Mueller, will tell

Scientists unveil a possible new way of healing wounds in the future

Scientists at Ohio State University have developed a new method that has the capability of changing the body’s existing cells into new cells to promote healing.

Texas Transgender Bathroom Bill Falters Amid Mounting Opposition

 With little more than a week left in Texas’ 30-day special legislative session, a barrage of corporate advertising and activism has the potential to sink legislation restricting transgender bathroom use 

State Representative Jonathan Stickland, one of the bill’s 46 co-authors and a member of the Tea Party-backed Freedom Caucus, said he was pessimistic about its chances of being allowed to advance to a vote.

“This is clearly part of a national agenda that is being pushed by the progressive left, and I think that that is just all coming to a head here.”

As a card carrying member of the progressive left, I would love to take personal responsibility for what is making Mr Stickland so mad, but I can’t.  I bet some of you Texas folks can though!  Nice work Texas Resistance!  Keep it up!

And finally, as some of you may have already heard, Eric Weinstein, a mathematician and managing director of Peter Thiel’s financial consulting firm Thiel Capital, tweeted a sexist response to the controversy surrounding a Google employee’s anti-diversity memo.

“Dear @Google,” Weinstein tweeted. “Stop teaching my girl that her path to financial freedom lies not in coding but in complaining to HR. Thx in advance, A dad.”

Because yes, if women were only GOOD at stuff no one would be sexist at us.  Thanks, Weinstein!

If you have a minute, call your representatives and let them know that we DO NOT want Trump to push us to war with N.K.  Perhaps impress upon them that this will NOT make Trump more popular (since that is all he cares about).  

Let’s get the message out there that this is NOT on ok path.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.  Keep it up!!  

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