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Coming to a shithole near you.  It’s been reported that favorite mercenary Eric Prince is whispering in Donald Trump’s ear about all the great things he could do with his own ‘alternative’ intelligence agency.

Washington (CNN)The founder of the controversial military contracting firm Blackwater, Erik Prince, and his allies lobbied contacts inside the administration to provide the CIA with a private network of intelligence contractors, according to a US official with knowledge of the proposal.  

but National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton told CNN

“This idea is going nowhere,” the official said and stressed neither the agency nor the director of the CIA is or was ever considering the proposal.

However, the Intercept is now revealing

The House spending bill released Wednesday would allow President Trump, or people under him, to secretly shift money to fund intelligence programs, a break with 70 years of governing tradition.

Since 1947, section 504 of the National Security Act has mandated that the administration inform Congress if it intends to shift money from one intelligence project to another, if the new project has not been authorized by Congress. That notification can be — and almost always is — done in secret, but it is at least a minimal check on executive power.

It seems some minor wording in the bill will allow the Shit White House to divert money from Congressionally authorized programs to whatever Der Fuhror desires.

Read the article and imagine what Prince and Trump could accomplish with his own gestapo.  scary times indeed.

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