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As Hurricane Irma sweeps up the western Florida coast, the Trump “administration” will be wasting no time in demanding … “dramatic tax cuts.”

“We will discussing our plan for dramatic tax cuts and tax reform. And I think now with what’s happened with the hurricane, I’m going to ask for a speed-up,” Trump said at the opening of a cabinet meeting at Camp David. “I wanted a speed-up anyway but now we need it even more so.”

We often joke that the Republican plan for every occasion is to simply demand tax cuts. In the midst of war? Cutting taxes on the wealthy will ease the pain. Health insurance spiraling out of control? Tax cuts for the wealthy will cure what ails. Rampant unemployment? Tax cuts for the wealthy will bring back the jobs. Multiple hurricanes lash the Gulf Coast?

Before the eye of the second one even grazed the coast, it was already tax cut time.

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