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In accordance with Donald Trump’s own personal devotion to making sure every one of his new federal appointees is someone apparently tapped for the position on a dare, Trump has selected non-scientist former conservative radio host Sam Clovis as his nominee for, we kiddeth thou not, the chief scientist for the Department of Agriculture. (We will assume it is solely because Clovis’s ample jowls remind Donald of some of his favorite eatin’ animals, because there sure isn’t any other possible qualification Clovis has for the job.)

CNN has gotten hold of a collection of Clovis’s past show transcripts and blog posts, and the nation’s next top agricultural scientist may have a hell of a lot of explaining to do in his Senate confirmation hearings. He is a evidently a “birther”:

In a 2012 blog post archived on the website for the Sioux City-based radio station KSCJ, Clovis raised questions about Obama’s biography that echoed some of the theories pushed by those in the birther movement who claim that Obama isn’t an American citizen.

Oh, but that’s not the only conspiracy theory Clovis peddled. Not even close.

“[President Obama] is a dangerous person,” Clovis wrote. “He is dangerous in that he does not have the interests of the nation in mind and is more than willing to do anything to advance an ideology that is absolutely opposed to American exceptionalism. Four more years of this man as president could very well mean the total deconstruction of our Constitutional republic. […]”

In a September 2012 episode of his online radio program “Serious Civics with Sam Clovis,” Clovis observed that Obama appeared “happy” after the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya that month.

“This is something that tells you that he is dismissive of the entire affair and in fact, I would even hate to stretch this out but it’s almost as if it was intentional. As if he is happy that these things have occurred.” Clovis said. “Now I know that’s harsh and I don’t have any evidence to support that. But look at his actions. Right after the event, where does he go? He goes and he does an interview on the hip hop guy who is a pimp and on top of everything else.

In addition to promoting multiple anti-Obama conspiracy theories, he also believes climate science to be a conspiracy. And that’s not even getting into his apparent obsession with race.

So now we’ll see if Republicans like Sen. Jeff Flake, who is currently on tour promoting an entire book he wrote about how the Republican Party had to reclaim itself from the clutches of the crazies, will vote to confirm a man who not only isn’t remotely qualified for the position he’s been nominated to but represents all the worst, most embarrassing and conspiratorial elements of the far-right. Will they roll over for Trump on this one too? Let’s watch.

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