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Kathleen Hartnett White was announced as white supremacist in chief Donald Trump’s pick to advise him on the environment. This is great news if you believe that coal is the reason slavery ended. And in keeping with the Republican theme of hand-selecting the worst person for any given job, White isn’t a big fan of the earth’s environment, or any of the people worrying about the health of the planet, for that matter. 

President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the White House senior adviser for environmental policy in 2016 described the belief in “global warming” as a “kind of paganism” for “secular elites.”


Hartnett White appeared on “The Right Perspective,” an online conservative radio show, in September 2016 when she made the comments talking about a “dark side” to belief in global warming.
“There’s a real dark side of the kind of paganism — the secular elites’ religion now — being evidently global warming,” Hartnett White said.
Like most intellectually bankrupt conservatives, she creates a false dilemma by arguing that people trying to move us away from fossil fuels and toward more renewable forms of energy believe in a “garden of Eden world,” where we all sing campfire songs. Of course, that isn’t what’s being debated. Saying that people believe in a concept of utopia is something that’s very easy to argue against. Saying that climate change isn’t real and isn’t facilitated by our activities is super difficult—unless of course you believe that an old man, living on a cloud, with a big beard and a voice like Charlton Heston is taking care of our planet with magic.
You can listen to the sultry sounds of coal love below, via CNN’s KFILE.
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