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Arlington National Cemetery, detail / Flickr

It’s pretty unimaginable to think how Donald Trump could have made his own Russia predicament any worse, but we never like to underestimate the numbnut in chief. Here’s a quick rundown of Trump’s no good, incredibly bad day.

• He woke up taking aim at Jeff Sessions on his twitter account and repeatedly pounded him throughout the day in both interviews and public appearances.

• Trump’s treatment of Sessions, one of his earliest establishment endorsements on the campaign trail, forced right wingers like Breitbart News and Rush Limbaugh to search their souls for some bit of sympathy, which they actually found and expressed in support of Sessions.

• Even some Congressional Republicans are finally starting to come to Sessions’ defense—yeesh, that sure took long enough. Nonetheless, Trump succeeded in squeezing an unusually spineless group of lawmakers into standing upright, sort of. An impressive feat. Naturally, Paul Ryan wasn’t one of them.

• In the meantime, Trump’s other cabinet secretaries are a tad dismayed by Trump’s public shaming of one of his most loyal supporters. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is MIA and reportedly unsure he’ll be able to guts it out through the end of the year. Another cabinet member anonymously called the situation a “clusterfuck” and wondered of Sessions: “If he can get treated that way, what about the rest of us?” We’d say, better late than never, but in this case, not really. 

• Rounding out Trump’s blockbuster of a day was the House’s 419-3 approval of the Russia sanctions bill, which Trump will be absolutely loath to sign.

It’s a real moment of truth for Trump. Putting his signature on a bill that essentially affirms intelligence findings that Russia hacked the U.S. election in support of Trump is Trump’s worst nightmare. His tiny little sunken ego might just melt away entirely. And then what would Trump be? Trump without an ego, can we even imagine? Ego-less Trump. LOL.

Anyway, with any luck, Trumpster will leave us with a little late-night flourish on twitter. Why should we have to wait for his 5:00 a.m. bender tomorrow?

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