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Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency is a collaboration between the Republican leadership and Trump’s east coast crew of sycophants and con artists. In that latter group you people like Trump’s business lawyer Michael Cohen. Like many people in Trump’s entourage, Cohen is predictably idiotic and ludicrous. His job within Trump’s inner circle has been the subject of much speculation Cohen has met with the Senate committee to lie and be evasive about his shady work in the Trump campaign. Cohen has a lot to worry about with the real life indictments of men he’s worked in concert with. When the announcement was made late Friday that Special Investigator Mueller had filed the first charges, Cohen’s name was in the mix of the “possibly indicted.” As if saying a prayer—or a reminder to his boss of his groveling fealty come pardon time—Cohen sent out this tweet.


The response wasn’t exactly what he was hoping for, I imagine.

That was a pretty straight forward and popular sentiment.


That is exactly what he called them. This next one is probably the kind of thing that I suspect haunts Cohen’s nightmares—seriously. 

And the literary version of the above response:

And finally, something to give Cohen and his “friends” something to think about for Halloween.

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