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Trump must have gone into twitter withdrawal — or maybe it’s jet lag? In any event, he made up for his brief few days away from what is, apparently, his only source of comfort with the following tweet binge.  First, not surprisingly, he lashed out at Kim Jong Un aka Rocket Man — the fallout from this should be interesting. The word “fallout” is used figuratively, God forbid we should live to see anything literal.

Yes, Trump’s endeavors to be Kim’s friend are the stuff of legends. Then there was this.

And then this:

Well, that is news, and even Xi doesn’t know about it, According to The Hill, “China has not formally announced any plans to further sanction North Korea. According to a report by Reuters, leaders of South Korea and China agreed during a summit meeting Saturday to strengthen security and find a stable resolution to nuclear tensions with North Korea.”

Nice of Trump to inform us that Hanoi is in Vietnam. Hey, this is the guy who recently exclaimed, “I never knew there were so many countries!” And don’t forget the “Nambia” debacle. At least he didn’t preface the comment with, “A lot of people don’t know this, but…” then again, alas, the night is young and Trump’s thumbs itch.

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