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You know your election commission is totally bogus when the AP lede reads like this:

A member of President Donald Trump’s commission on voter fraud sued in federal court on Thursday, alleging that the commission is violating federal law by excluding him and others from participating and refusing to provide documents available to other members.

The lawsuit, filed by Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap in Washington, D.C., claims violations of the Federal Advisory Committee Act. It asks the court to compel the commission to hand over all documents he’s requested, share all future documents, to include him in all communications and to prevent the release of any final report until he has had a chance to review it.

Looks like all that light they were hoping to shed on “voter fraud” is being smothered in a cloud of secrecy. Also, sounds like things are really falling apart over there.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Republican who serves as the commission’s vice chair, blasted the lawsuit as “baseless and paranoid.” He said he hasn’t received any communications either, and said the commission’s work has been stalled by eight lawsuits, the unrelated arrest of a staff member and the death of a fellow commissioner.

“Ironically, Dunlap’s lawsuit is only going to increase the workload faced by Commission staff and Department of Justice Attorneys,” Kobach said in a statement.

Couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy or a more useless commission.

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