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We know from White House leaks that Donald Trump’s own inner circle recognizes him to be a “fucking moron” (according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson) and an “idiot” with the intelligence of a “kindergartner” (according to national security adviser H.R. McMaster), but Democratic Sen. Tom Carper gave us a window into how, specifically, Trump’s staff dodges dealing with the blowhard.

According to Carper, he and others were meeting with Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn when Trump phoned in from Asia … and Trump kept talking. And kept talking. And kept talking.

Carper said he gave Cohn a suggestion for how to get Trump off the phone: “It was a room where we’re all sitting around this big square table, and I said, Gary, why don’t you do this, why don’t you just take the phone from, you know, your cell phone back and just say, Mr. President, you’re brilliant! But we’re losing contact, and I think we’re going to lose you now, so good-bye.”

“And that’s what he did, and he hung up,” Carper said. “And then we went back to having the kind of conversation that we needed to.”

“What? What? Sorry, Mr. President, the White House is going through a tunnel right now. We’ll have to call you back.”

The White House denies this because of course they do. But this is the same White House that lies about everything, all the time, even on camera, even when the evidence proving them to have lied is plainly available and known to all, so we’ll have to go with Carper’s version of events.

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