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According to FEC filings by the Trump campaign, his “campaign” has spent around $600,000 at Trump-owned properties, this according to Wired. That’s just this calendar year since he refiled his campaign for re-election seemingly five seconds after his inauguration.

Nearly $400,000 of that campaign money went to rent at Trump Tower, with $90,000 going to the The Trump Corporation for “legal consulting,” nearly $60,000 to the Trump International Golf Club, $15,000 to the Trump International Hotel in DC, and about $1,700 to Trump-brand bottled water, among various payments. And that’s just the money that went to businesses in which Trump has a personal role. The Trump campaign has spent a total of $10 million in the last six months; any shell companies and subsidiaries of other Trump-owned businesses that may have gotten a piece of that don’t have to be disclosed.

What’s more, this number doesn’t include the more nebulous (and almost certainly larger) total spent on Trump’s businesses simply by virtue of Trump being president. According to filings released last month by the Office of Government Ethics (whose director, Walter Shaub, quit earlier this month in protest of the executive branch’s refusal to obey ethical norms) Trump’s seen the income from his properties increase by tens of millions of dollars since he started campaigning. And the Trump family seems happy to do their part to help that along. After his election victory, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort doubled its initiation fee to $200,000.

The fact of the matter is that Trump’s business are making more money than they probably have ever made—and that’s the whole reason Trump decided to run in the first place. There are numerous reasons why Trump may have decided to renew his future campaign as soon as he popped into office. Maybe he knew he would need lawyer money?

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