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Any Guesses?

•  Putin?  “he’s running his country and at least he’s a Leader …”

“I have no relationship with [Putin] other than he called me a genius,” Trump said. “He said, ‘Donald Trump is a genius and he is going to be the leader of the party and he’s going to be the leader of the world or something.’”

“I have nothing to with Russia. I have nothing to do with Russia — for anything.”

“No Puppet, No Puppet — you’re the Puppet.”

While those area all good contenders for Donald Trump’s 3 Biggest Lies … (about Russia) — David Corn of has a different take on the topic.

And since Mr Corn backs up his claims with some serious “evidence” — I think I’ll go along with his “indictments” of Trump (and try to commit these Trump Lies to “Talking Points” memory).

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Here’s the short list of Trump’s 3 Biggest Lies:

No collusion

• Nothing to see here

• No business with Russia

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Here’s the longer list of Trump’s 3 Biggest Lies, with some of that evidence I mentioned:

No collusion


Yet there was collusion. The proof is Donald Trump Jr.’s emails. In July, Trump Jr., racing to beat a New York Times story that was about to appear, posted emails showing that he and his father’s campaign had tried to plot with a top Kremlin official to acquire dirt on Hillary Clinton. The emails revealed that Aras Agalarov, a Russian oligarch developer and Trump business partner, informed Trump Jr. (via his son Emin Agalarov, a pop singer, and Emin’s manager, Rob Goldstone) that the prosecutor general of Russia, a Putin ally, wished to provide the Trump campaign with information that would incriminate Clinton. The emails noted this effort would be part of the Putin regime’s hush-hush “support for Mr. Trump.”

• Nothing to see here


In August 2016, Trump, as the GOP nominee, received an intelligence briefing and was reportedly told that the US intelligence community by then had concluded Moscow was behind the DNC hack and the subsequent dissemination of information stolen from the Democrats. Still, Trump kept denying Russian involvement. At the first presidential debate, he quipped that the DNC hacker “could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, okay?”

He has essentially continued this line ever since. […]

• No business with Russia

[…] the Washington Post reported that Trump signed a letter of intent on October 28, 2015—the same day he participated in a GOP primary debate—with a Russian firm to develop a Trump Tower in Moscow. While he was campaigning for president, he was, in a way, moonlighting in Moscow. Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime private lawyer and adviser, even sent an email to Putin’s office looking for assistance with the project. (In a statement provided to the House Intelligence Committee, Cohen said he never heard back from the Kremlin.) […]

Here Are Trump’s 3 Biggest Lies About the Russia Scandal

Each one is an outrage.

by David Corn, — Aug. 30, 2017

Corn explains each lying Outrage in more detail.

If only such Outrage were still a bi-partisan issue.

Of course, after mid-terms 2018 — that GOP enabling of this outrageous liar, should no longer matter.

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