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Well, this is weird. For the past three years it’s been so much fun, comparing the pathetic attempts of brazen theft by the Trump administration, calling them things like The Don Cornholeone gang, or The Hole In The Head Gang, or even The Gang That Couldn’t Shit Straight. But it starts to feel like a quick trip to The Twilight Zone when you find out that all of that shit is true. Trump and his cabal are actually nothing more than third rate street thieves.

Rachel Maddow broke the story last night, and with her usual inimitable style. She started by reminding people of a story they had covered a week or so ago. It concerned the height of the scramble for medical supplies, and the California chapter of the Service Employees International Union. With no assistance forthcoming from the federal government, the union undertook the daunting task of trying to unearth some and any kind of medical gear California could purchase for its hospitals. And they were successful! They were able to find a cache of 39 million masks that the state was attempting to purchase. It was a real feel good story for a dark time.

Except that it turns out that it wasn’t. Turns out that it was nothing more than a cheap scam, a con thought up to try to find a way to bilk desperate states out of some easy pickings. The reason it came to light was that the FBI broke the news of the scam, along with the information that there was a criminal investigation being run out of the Pittsburgh US Attorney’s office.

But wait for it, because here comes the McGuffin, and why ya gotta love Rachel. As it turns out, the FBI became aware of the scam when they began investigating the transaction so that the US government could intercept and seize the shipment upon delivery, and turn it over to FEMA to add to their stock to distribute.

That’s right, the Trump mob has actually turned the Federal Bureau of Investigation into nothing more than a street gang. To use the parlance, the FBI got tipped to a soft mark, so they were casing the joint to set up an easy score when they discovered the whole thing was a fraud. And this isn’t the first time. Apparently the FBI has been running around, tracking  private state or local purchases of masks, surgical gowns, ventilators, anything in short supply, letting the state pay for the shipment, and then literally intercepting the shipment either en route or at the delivery point, and folding it into FEMA’s supplies for distribution.

But here’s the really funny part, if you look at as funny in the sense of ironic. The states have tipped to this tactic. Rachel spoke of one state, which begged for anonymity to help protect itself, that has an order for a couple of freighter planes stuffed full of medical goodies. The state actually has an active plan under consideration of calling out the fucking National Guard to the delivery point, to prevent it from being hijacked by the FBI thugs! The state is actually considering threatening armed violence to help to protect it’s own property from the federal government.

The texture of Trump’s hypocritical bullshit is so rich that you could package it and sell it as pate de fois gras. Remember, it was Trump himself, when the states were begging him for medical equipment and supplies who told them to go out and fend for themselves on the open market, he wasn’t a purchasing agent for the states. And then when the states do, at the last moment, Trump sends in armed thugs to steal their shit!

And here’s the best part of this, and it is a truly Trumpian twist. His Lowness cut the states loose to fend for themselves regarding obtaining medical equipment in this crisis. And then, when they do, Trump sends the FBI in to steal all of their shit, and toss it into the FEMA stockpile. Which then allows him to waddle out behind a podium and brag about the incredible amount of shit he’s sending out to the states to combat the crisis. Shit largely bought and paid for by somebody else. I swear to God, this ass clown is making the Capone mob look like stand up citizens. Only in Trumpmenistan.

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  1. It’s the “Shit for brains gang”. It stars every under the desk crawling half wit in the republiTARD party. Men, women, who cares. If they are a republiTARD, they are corrupt. I see a purge in the fbi coming right after the russian financed seditionists are thrown out in November.

  2. Yup that is our pretend president. Do the states get their money back? If no, can their District Attorneys press charges against FEMA?
    He told the states to get their own and basically make the decisions (mainly because he did not have a clue) and now he is telling them. he WILL make the decisions . Me, I will listen to the governors especially Como.
    donnie’s term os over!!!!!!!!!!!! I expect his minions will soon be departing from the ship.

  3. Everyone knew Trump and his ilks were thieves lier’s and cheats long ago .
    His base which are mostly comprised of the same behavior ( lier’s,thieves, cheats) , that want to see the country go down to satisfy their feelings of being left behind!
    That’s why they voted for him , because
    no (sane person ) can construe that Trump is anything other than all the negative behavior’s mentioned, in addition to being a sexual predator! .
    So if a anyone thinks otherwise, they are ether blind or stupid! Take your pick which .


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