Traitor Trump’s week has gone from unbearable to nightmarish

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By Tuesday, Putin’s puppet in the White House was clearly having a bad week, with  Donald Trump flailing on the border wall; his “charity” foundation shut down over rampant illegality; Michael Flynn getting trashed by the judge in his case even though #MAGA World had convinced themselves he was about to be let loose; and the announcement of a ban and confiscation of all gun bump stocks, infuriating the aforementioned #MAGA Land.

Two days later, things have only gotten worse. This kind of worse:

Screen capture of Breitbart home page 12-19-2018

That’s the sound of his base abandoning him.

Trump responded to the Coulter comments by … unfollowing her on Twitter. THAT’LL show her who’s boss!

Meanwhile, congressional Republicans, utterly neutered by Trump the past two years, were suddenly apoplectic over his decision to give the keys to Syria to Russia and Iran and walk away. Whatever the merits of being involved in Syria, Trump’s penchant for ignoring his advisers and congressional allies and doing whatever the F he wants was finally too much. Sen. Lindsey Graham, perhaps his staunchest ally in the Senate, said Trump’s actions were “Obama-like”—perhaps the gravest insult possible in Republican land. (We, on the other hand, would be thrilled with that compliment!)

Meanwhile, attempts to pass a continuing resolution that would avert a partial government shutdown are being challenged by the nihilistic Freedom Caucus, which now has Trump all riled up. They’re demanding a vote on $5 billion for the wall—nay, the “metal slats” (which Trump thinks makes it all more palatable for some bizarre-ass reason). They’ll lose the vote. And then … what? The nihilists don’t care, and Trump is too stupid to play any kind of strategic game.

All the while, his real cabinet, the nutbags over at Fox & Friends, are … doing this to poor Trump:

“Stunning and irresponsible.” How is Trump supposed to enjoy his “executive time” if his friends are spitting in his face? No wonder White House sources say Trump is in a “tailspin!” He is certainly in way over his head.

Meanwhile, the World’s Greatest Negotiator Even Though He Got His Ass Kicked By Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer just got his ass handed to him by North Korea. Hilariously, they are now saying that they won’t eliminate their nuclear arsenal until the United States does the same. In other words, “fuck you, Trump, we ain’t doing shit.”

I’m old enough to remember when Trump thought he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for his supposed breakthrough with North Korea …

Of course, everyone told him that legitimizing North Korea’s regressive and brutal regime would backfire, but he didn’t listen because: 1.) He likes brutal and regressive regimes. They are literally his favorite. He wants to be like them! And 2.) He actually believes that he’s a good negotiator after reading that book The Art of the Deal that someone else ghost wrote for him.

Haha, who’s kidding who? He didn’t read that book. He just saw his face plastered on the cover. That was all he needed.

So instead of accomplishing anything in North Korea, he gave the regime desperately needed credibility and an epic propaganda triumph. He even gave them a “cherry on top” propaganda victory:

Donald Trump salutes North Korean general
Imagine if Obama had done anything this stupid?

What kind of dumbass American president salutes a random North Korean general? Trump. Trump does.

Meanwhile, his base continues to crumble around him. From the top media echelons:

… to the nuts commenting at Breitbart with such gems as:

Congress is a big problem, but even more so is DJT’s lack of willingness to engage in the street fight that politics is.
Shut down the gov’t, as promised. Congress would have come around. Repeal EVERY executive order signed by Barry O, Fire EVERY Obama era appointee in a position to stall his agenda and everyone who voted for him would applaud and support it.
But he didn’t. He promises and retracts, promises and retracts. Its like Lucy and Charley Brown with the football.

Many people knew Trump had baggage going in but were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Anything was better than Clinton. However, Trump’s reluctance, unwillingness, or his ineptness in handling immigration and the government corruption has put us at this crossroad. His deceit and betrayal in so many areas, his constant reversals on issues have left many supporters like me repulsed.

Ivanka will shead a tear as she is worried about her illegal, Juanita, being deported and having to pay 20.00 per hour for her housekeeping services….Trump will cave in and tell us that the “dreamers” are the best men and women in America, followed by a 20 million illegal deal of amnesty, “that all true Americans can get behind”. LOL, we HAVE been played. Democrats even in the minority for the last 2 years have somehow won most battles, the Republicans have yet to make a stand. It’s called the uniparty and all the middle class are big loosers.

He’s lost Republicans in Congress, he’s lost his base, he never had Democrats, indies left him and his party in November … AND HE STILL DOESN’T HAVE HIS WALL.

And it’s just Thursday. Maybe the special counsel will check in later today or tomorrow to close out Trump’s nightmare week?

We can only hope so.



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It’s going to get worse as he pulls out of Afghanistan then Japan (for Putin) then South Korea for the man he fell in love with in North Korea. If he isn’t listening to his Generals then who is he taking his orders from. Is Putin telling him what to do??


All you have to do is LOOK AT THE BODY LANGUAGE. That says it all.

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Of course, Flimsey Graham is just being, well, flimsy. He’ll hippity hop back in line as soon as tRump jerks another knot in his ass.