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A whole bunch of court filings landed in the public eye Friday afternoon: First, both Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Southern District of New York dropped sentencing documents against Michael Cohen, then Mueller dropped his latest in the case against Perjurin’ Paul Manafort.

Donald Trump, who we already know doesn’t read, quickly got ahead of the situation with this wholly fictional tweet of gratitude for the full exoneration he apparently thinks he’s just gotten.

Wait, what does this guy do all day?

Twitter, of course, was NOT having it. Check out the finest in Trump mockery below.

The sarcasm was flowing like champagne on a Bravo reality show.

The GIF game was on point.

The low-hanging Tillerson fruit surfaced again and again.

A LOT of people tried to help the Orange One understand who “Individual 1” is.

Others spoke of the future impact of this day.

Others were seemingly baffled by Trump’s response, as though this isn’t consistent with his brand.

Finally, one brilliant soul simply used the words of a probable Trump supporter, on a possibly photoshopped sign.

It’s early yet, so I know greater tweets await us. Feel free to share your faves in the comments!

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