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On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. agreed to provide a “transcribed interview” for members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

On Wednesday, by an astounding coincidence, Donald Trump called the chairman of that very same committee to talk about one of the most burning issues confronting the nation. Not flooding following Hurricane Harvey. Not missiles launched by North Korea. Not Trump’s vague and number-free tax plan. Not Trump’s equally vague and number-free plans for Afghanistan. Not even another attempt to destroy health care.

No, the burning reason that Trump dialed up Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley was something much more urgent.

President Trump called the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee to talk about one of his most important parochial issues — ethanol — shortly before the committee is slated to interview his son in its ongoing Russia probe.


Trump decided to call Grassley on Wednesday to kill the rumors and reassure Iowa’s senior senator that he supported ethanol and would not walk away from his campaign promise, the official said.

Yes, ethanol. See, Trump calling Grassley up to say that he supports a program that seems to help just one state is not obstruction. It’s more like … the opposite of obstruction. Payola.

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