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From Reuters:

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A Russian hacker arrested in Spain on a U.S. warrant said on Thursday he previously worked for President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party and feared he would be tortured and killed if extradited, RIA news agency reported.

Peter Levashov was arrested while on holiday in Barcelona in April. U.S. prosecutors later charged him with hacking offences, accusing him of operating a network of tens of thousands of infected computers used by cyber criminals.

He told a court in Madrid on Thursday that he had worked for the United Russia party for the last 10 years.

“I collected different information about opposition parties and delivered it to the necessary people at the necessary time,” RIA quoted him as saying.


No huge surprise here — we have known for some time that the act of war against the U.S. during the 2016 election was perpetrated by Putin himself. But Levashov is the first to openly admit this. 

Levashov is a monster. According to The Independent (UK), he is accused of having created a computer virus “linked to Trump’s election win”. (www.independent.co.uk/…)

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