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The progressive news/opinion group captures one of the best takedowns of Donald Trump’s mental health by top psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Kerry Sulkowicz who puts it all in laymen terms. Here are a couple of excerpts from the short video:

“People who are sociopathic demonstrate a number of things:

  • One is the absence of conscience. 
  • Two is to hurt people and take advantage whether it’s lying, cheating, stealing—on a habitual, regular basis. 
  • Three is they take pleasure in their destructiveness and have a very limited range of close relationships.” 

Three examples of the above sociopathic behaviors that were mentioned by Sulkowicz are displayed by Trump in the video. But most know there are hundreds—if not thousands of examples of such behavior all on video and evidenced by the everyday words/actions of a sick man.

“I think that this issue about understanding Trump from a psychological perspective has taken on a new urgency, frankly, because of his behavior, which is unlike that of any president, certainly in modern presidential history.”

During the video, The Goldwater Rule is excerpted. The rule prohibits psychiatrists from diagnosing public figures without evaluation. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. And these are desperate times.

“I think speaking out about Trump is certainly not something that only mental health professionals are doing with greater urgency and volume recently. Everybody is.”

Here is the video (via Facebook) where Dr. Sulkowisz reminds the country of a U.S. Constitution Amendment, and an obvious option, that can be used to remove a Trump from the Oval Office.

Unless one refuses to watch Trump on television or view his comments on Twitter, it’s clear the man is more than unfit and unhinged—he’s malicious, malign and dangerous. And talking about the problem needs to superseded only by actions—before millions of lives are lost. 

Thanks to Dr. Sulkowicz for speaking out unabashedly, as well as to all those in the behavioral science and mental health industries who refuse to compromise safety, ethics and morals by complying with and adhering to an antiquated rule.

You can learn more about Kerry Sulkowicz via The Psychiatric Times.

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