This looks like it might turn out to be a story with a feel good ending. Capt. Brett Crozier was dismissed from his post as captain of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt when an email he wrote discussing the gravity of the coronavirus as it affected his crew was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle.  Crozier was relieved of command by acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly, who said he was carrying out what he believed to be Donald Trump’s wishes, according to officials. Crozier’s crew was crestfallen to lose their commander and rallied around and cheered him as he left the ship. They also reacted with disbelief and hostility to Thomas Modly, when he addressed the crew and called Crozier “stupid” or “naive.” Modly badly miscalculated the situation and he subsequently resigned.

Now, Crozier looks to be coming back to his old command. New York Times:

Mr. [Mark] Esper received the recommendation that Captain Crozier be reinstated from the chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Michael M. Gilday, and the acting Navy Secretary, James McPherson, on Friday. Defense Department officials said earlier that they expected to announce the results of the Navy’s investigation into the matter on Friday afternoon.

Mr. Esper’s decision to hold up the investigation has surprised Navy officials, who believed that the defense secretary would leave the process in the hands of the military chain of command. […]

The coronavirus crisis aboard the carrier Theodore Roosevelt spurred another chapter in the hollowing out of the Navy’s leadership, in particular under the Trump administration.

This is actually heartwarming, in a day and age where we see so much wrong either go unchallenged, or unpunished. This is good news.

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  1. The decent thing to do is reinstate him. Military folks know a good commander when they see him. His crew gave him amazing respect as he was leaving. He should return.

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