Top DHS official can’t find key coronavirus resource, asks Twitter for help

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TODAY / YouTube

So glad to see our government is on top of the coronavirus outbreak! Well, Rush Limbaugh thinks COVID-19 is just the common cold, and he has a Presidential Medal of Freedom, so I’m sure we have nothing to worry about.

Twitter, of course, was eager to help him out:

Oh, and this will give you a fuzzy, warm feeling, too:

Yeah, it’s just thousands of people’s lives at stake. Never mind. Nothing to see here. What we really need in government are more Trump loyalists who don’t know f*#k all about doing their jobs. If I get sick, I just hope the government’s pandemic response centers don’t run out of leeches.


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2 Comments on "Top DHS official can’t find key coronavirus resource, asks Twitter for help"

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Frank Drubend would do a better job of organizing things. Good old police squad, loved it. Don’t forget Norberg and his cruise down the aisle in the wheelchair, too funny

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Well , Limpburger and Trump , think they can
talk ( Bullshit) their way out of anything.
But “Bullshit walks “, when it comes down to
You have to produce to “clear “it up
, Bullshit walks ( and that’s all Trump knows ) !