The world’s most dishonest president is no different than any other chronic liar, the frequency of the lies increases along with stress levels. Given that Trump had been rightly (and very effectively) shamed by grieving high school students while watching the first Russia-centered indictments come down, we knew to expect some real moonshots. It also didn’t help that Trump believed it looked bad to be seen golfing after talking to those same grieving Florida families, and thus “stayed-in” with his sons all weekend.

Apparently America’s Uday and Qsay did nothing to tone “dad” down, and may have even made things worse, if reports are to be believed. Trump tweeted 16 times after the indictments came down, though of course not one of them addressed Russia itself. No, Trump directed his tweets at his adversaries, and enemies, not Russia.

Vox took it upon themselves to list the three biggest lies to come out of those tweets. Reasonable people can disagree on the subjective rankings, but no one can argue that all three constitute presidential-sized lies:

1. That the Russian activities had no impact on the election.

If this is Trump’s argument, then Trump is telling us that advertising, indeed all “communications staff” serve no function at all. But, more important to our poll, is the fact that the indictments did not say anything about whether the Russian activity impacted the election. Trump lied, inserting the assertion into a tweet noting that he had not announced his run until 2015 as if “fact” brought about by the indictments.

2. That Trump always had accepted that Russia meddled in the election:

As I have already noted on this site, he most certainly did state that meddling could have been done by China, or some “400 pound guy …” in the debates. But, as Vox, too, noted:

Trump has repeatedly said he takes Russian President Vladimir Putin at his word when he denies meddling in the 2016 election, because he seems like a nice enough guy, right? “Every time he sees me he says, ‘I didn’t do that, and I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it,” Trump said of Putin last November while speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One.

And who among us wouldn’t take Putin at his word about something? Certainly, a U.S. president should trust everything Putin says, right?

Regardless, Trump cannot lie himself out of the assertion, even the Right wingers on the conspiracy sites were shocked at the statement.

3. Hillary Clinton did not collude with Russia

You probably have to hang out on conspiracy sites during the day, as I do, looking for fiction ideas, to understand that the right in America believes that Hillary Clinton is actually the one who colluded with Russia. It’s true. The right always takes your greatest asset or weakness and claims it as their own “anti-matter” function. (See “swiftboating of John Kerry, take a draft-dodger, make the war hero the one having to defend Vietnam). In the world of the Right, it was Clinton who colluded with Russia, by hiring Christopher Steele, who got worked by some Russians and, and …never mind, it’s a lie, and it only makes number 3 on the list!

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