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In a six minute take-down on Schwartz’ voice mail, a livid Trump supporter left her reaction to Schwartz’ previous tweet about Trump resigning in the very near future. It’s Breitbart, Alex Jones, Fox News fueled fantasy and rage, par excellence. RawStory:

“I read his little article on the Yahoo! about how Trump is going to resign in a couple of months. Well let me tell you something. Trump would never resign,” the woman, who doesn’t identify herself, says in the six-minute-long message.

“All you CEOs … what we did was bail you out. Obama funneled money to you,” she said referring to the $700 billion in taxpayer money that was used to bail out America’s largest banks during the 2008 financial crisis. The bill was signed by George W. Bush and endorsed by then presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

“All Obama gave us is Eboli [sic] on American soil. He disappeared in the greatest oil spill in American history, which I think he caused intentionally. He gave us transvestites that we look like a national freakshow out of a side show of a circus,” the Trump supporter said in her message to Schwartz. “Immigrants all over the place. All terrorists running all over everywhere you could imagine, all because of him.”

The caller also expressed frustration with the Republican leadership and Congress, calling Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell “so corrupt that I don’t even know how he looks at himself in the mirror.”

[further tape transcript]

“You want to talk about Donald Trump. If you and those fucking communists up there, I mean 500 CEOs, congress and senators who are guilty of treason touches one fucking hair on his head, huh, you’d better know where to go because the military is going to go in there and arrest you for treason. We’ll make citizens’ arrests, we’ll come up there and make citizens arrest and put youse [sic] all in jail where you belong. You’re all a bunch of corrupt old hags, that’s just what you are, half of you belong in hospice, half of you belong in jail. You are disgusting. We loathe you. Mitt Romney, he gave up, he took a dive for Barack Obama, you think we don’t know that? So that Barack Obama could be this big one to do all the globalism?”

And here is her bottom line, are you ready?

“We will never leave him for anything in this world. Do you understand? Don’t give us no goddamn lecture about what Trump is going to do,” the caller finally told Shwartz in her voicemail. “He’ll never leave his country. He’ll never betray his country, he’ll never leave the American people, and we’ll never leave him. Do you got that straight?”

Trump isn’t a politician, he is a malignancy in the body politic. This woman is very ill.…

Hit the link and give a listen.

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