Billionaire Democratic activist Tom Steyer doesn’t mince any words. He goes straight for the jugular.

“Since the ‘80’s, taxes for the wealthy have dropped from 70% to 40%. During that time wages for workers have stagnated and economic inequality has skyrocketed.”

“The top 1% now take home 20% of the national income.”

“Their share of the pie has more than doubled since Ronald Reagan became president.”

And that was the idea, wasn’t it, and it’s also the reason why the Republicans have been waiting for a candidate that is the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan. They live for nothing else. Unfortunately, Donald Trump isn’t it. He’s the anti-politician, what gets elected when the vote is for hate and division — which is why his administration has devolved so rapidly into chaos, if not madness.

In any event, if three minutes of clarity and rational thinking appeal to you, here it is.

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