Tom Perez May Be Smarter Than You Think

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The content of this article probably shouldn’t surprise you. If you read me, you already know that I’m just about the most contrarian sumbitch in the world. The moment popular thought says one thing, guaranteed I’m gonna come out and dispute it, that’s just the way I am.

DNC chair Tom Perez went out and knocked himself over a hornets nest, didn’t he? Everybody was tagging his ass off for months over the restrictions for getting on the debate stage, as diversity candidate after diversity candidate failed to make the cut. And now everybody who wasn’t on his ass before is on it now, for changing the rules midstream to allow a freakin’ billionaire to get on the debate stage and get free face time. How dumb can one guy be, huh? First thing first. I’m not a big Perez booster. On the other hand, I’m not a big Perez adversary either. He’s just another politician trying to do a political job. I guess you could say I’m ambivalent about him. That being said, I think that Perez may be a bit smarter than people give him credit for, and he’s actually got this right. Give me a chance to explain before you start baying for my blood.

This all centers around Mike Bloomberg, am I right? And Mike Bloomberg is no dummy. He has more than enough money to have participated in the early primaries and caucuses in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. Hell, he could have paid to run them if he wanted to. But instead he chose to pass those by, and only start competing in delegate rich Super Tuesday. But what if there was a more sinister, secondary reason?

I think we all know, Mike Bloomberg carries more baggage with him than the fucking Orient Express. Not just stop-and-frisk, but also red lining, several selfish things that rich shit pokes say, as well as sexist and workplace harassment statements. Not the kinds of things that you want to defend until you absolutely have to.

And look what’s happening. Bloomberg has spent millions in South Carolina, where he’s not even competing, to frame himself in a positive light. The same thing goes for the Super Tuesday states. Bloomberg has been playing his mind fuck game in places that were too far out for the more serious to play in with more modest means, and earlier states to worry about. And it’s working. Bloomberg is up over 10% popularity in national polls, and has 22% popularity with black voters in South Carolina.

Why? Because there’s no alternate narrative out there, he’s running solo that far out. How many South Carolina black voters never went to New York City, or have friends and relatives there that were exposed to the indignities of stop-and-frisk? And there’s no alternate narrative because the rest of the candidates are contesting the earlier states.

But play time is over. Tomorrow we will be exactly 2 weeks until Super Tuesday. Candidates are starting to spend in South Carolina and will soon follow in their selected Super Tuesday battleground states. But they can’t compete with Bloomberg’s carpet bombing of the airwaves, especially after having the targets to himself for months. And this is where maybe Tom Perez isn’t so damn dumb after all.

South Carolina voters are tuning in to the primaries, big time. And so are the Super Tuesday states. Early reporting from my adopted home, Nevada is showing enthusiasm through the roof for nest Saturday’s caucus. We have early voting for the first time, and had 26,000 ballots cast in the first two days.

The Nevada debate on Wednesday is going to be huge, and for good reason. And Mike Bloomberg has already stated that if he gets that last poll to go his way, he will be on the stage for the debate on Wednesday. If that happens, the stage will be set for the first actual head to head of all of the major candidates for president.

Yeah, and if Bloomberg gets his wish, and makes that stage, it will be set for the great equalizer. Because, if you’re running on a budget, and furious about Bloomberg trying to buy the nomination, what better way for payback than to have him in your sights on that debate stage. By changing the rules midstream to allow Bloomberg to make the stage, Perez gives every one of his preferred candidates a free shot at Bloomberg, on national television, with an expected huge audience. And he gives them that free shot to poke holes in Bloomberg before South Carolina and Super Tuesday. And he gives Bloomberg a free shot to take aim directly at Bernie Sanders, which Bloomberg is already doing via ads.

By changing the rules, if Bloomberg is able to make the stage, and he shows up, Perez is giving his candidates the great equalizer, the chance to haul off on Bloomberg, and poke some holes and take the new car smell off of him, all without spending a dine, in front of a national audience. And allowing them to put their best fighters foot forward to boot. Perez effectively neutralizes Bloomberg’s wealth and advertising advantage, on the night where it might matter the most.

Believe me, I was as pissed as the rest of you when I saw that Perez was changing the strike zone in the middle of the game. But when I got over my mad, and tried to find a reason for why Perez might make such a disastrous decision on the face of it, I began to find the corners of his jigsaw puzzle. And I’m willing to cut him some slack, and see if the picture matches the one on the cover.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Finally, a debate I’m looking forward to. Wednesday’s debate will define the rest of this campaign.