The photo above is my 1957 First Grade class picture at Sierra Madre School in California.  That’s me, the little fellow in the upper right-hand corner.  Look closely at the beautiful girl in the bottom-right.  That was Lorie Creehan. Now, take a good look at her right leg.  She’s wearing a brace.  She had poliomyelitis before the Salk vaccine was introduced, and her leg never grew after that.  I remember the Monday after Easter vacation, when, for show-and-tell, she showed off her new brace.  The sole of the shoe at the bottom got thicker and thicker over the years.   We used to help her up stairs (no elevators in our 1931-vintage school) and tried to improvise playground games for her to join in.  Going to school with a “polio” was an important lesson to us, and nobody was an “anti-vaxxer”.  Aside from playing “Russian Roulette”, I cannot imagine anything more idiotic than these people, flaunting basic pandemic hygiene and trying to convince themselves and others that the COVID-19 vaccine is a secret plot.  I am over 70, if you do the math from the date above, and I was able to receive both vaccinations.  My wife gets her second tomorrow.  We will continue to follow the CDC recommendations and work to protect our fellow men, women and children.  Anti-Vaxxers:  would you want a child or sibling to have to drag a withered leg around all their lives?  Would you want them to lie, hooked up to a respirator, gasping for air with COVID lungs?  What is wrong with you?

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  1. I have family members who are anti-Vaxers. It’s just mind boggling the way they think. I rarely talk to them anymore. I don’t need that stupidity in my daily life.

  2. This is the single most powerful and non-argumentative answer to the anti-vax wingnuts, I have seen in a long time.

    I would appreciate, when I share this story with others, to have a real name of the author. As a “community” item, the anonymous nature of the story takes power away from the message.


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