This is going to be simple and relatively short.  There are no links to stories from the BBC, nor links to the NHS for medical information.  It’s simply a repost of answers I received today that cleared things up for me and should clear things up here.

I am a diabetic, and I went to my doctor today to request refills on some of my meds, as well as to ask a question about Delta.  I wear my vaccination card as a lanyard, on purpose, because my wallet was destroying the card and I’m rather proud of being vaccinated.

Now, for what my doctor told me when I asked him. 

1) Delta is faster and more contagious than normal; that is true.

2) Those who are vaccinated have almost no reason to fear it.  Breakthrough cases do happen, but the symptoms are weak and the recovery swift.

3) Masks are no longer required, but they are a good idea if you are in a large group of people.  In a small group, or on your own, the masks are no longer necessary. 

4) I was wise to get my vaccine when I did because of my diabetes.  For me, Covid was more dangerous for that reason, and being newly vaccinated doesn’t provide the protection straightaway that someone vaccinated in March (me) has. 

5) Delta is spreading rapidly, and is extremely dangerous:  To the unvaccinated.  It’s not doing much to the vaccinated.

6) There is no evidence that I need a booster shot yet.  That is what I came in to ask him, anyway.  If I needed a booster, and thus far, no.  (I have Pfizer).

So, this is still a thing and it is serious.  But hermiting away in your house isn’t warranted unless you can’t be vaccinated.  The breakthrough cases are few and ar between.  It could be (though he didn’t say this) that the breakthroughs may be happening to those who are only recently vaccinated.

Covid is a problem still.  Mostly for those who refused to be vaccinated.  But it is not King’s Superflu.  Precaution is wise, but total panic isn’t going to help. 

Keep your hands washed, mask up in crowds, remember that the vaccine’s protection doesn’t kick in immediately, and keep your head on straight. 

I hope this helps. 

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