Jeannine Pirro’s Saturday night show has gotten loads of attention, due to the fact that she was broadcasting from home and gave every indication of being inebriated. If you haven’t seen the video in question, here’s the link to my earlier piece on this subject.

Pirro immediately got savaged on social media, with everybody and their uncle calling attention to the similarities between comedienne Cecily Strong’s SNL impersonation of Pirro (see link above) and the real thing on her March 28 show. The broadcast started about fifteen minutes late and when Pirro did appear on camera, she was uncharacteristically disheveled. Then when she spoke, she sounded drunk. Fox News hastily issued a statement to the effect of this being her first broadcast from home and experiencing technical difficulties.

Here’s a tweet which shows Pirro putting down her glass, purportedly. Watch the beginning of the video very closely and look to the right of Pirro on the screen. This is blown up later at the end of the clip.

In reading Pirro’s tweets from time to time, I have noticed that she’s like Donald Trump. Anything he doesn’t like is labelled “fake news.” Anything she doesn’t like is labelled “hate.” Life is not that black and white.

The above and this tweet below, constitute Pirro’s defense.

An “ifb” is an audio device. However, the messy hairdo was not nearly so condemning as her speech. The Wrap:

Pirro’s speaking was notably loose throughout the broadcast — which a network spokesperson attributed to the lack of a teleprompter in the host’s first broadcast from home. “Just the other … day the president talked, or was hoping, about the possibility of reopening everything on Easter Sunday, uh, in a way where we could kind of come out of this quarantine, as loose as it may be, that we’re involved in,” Pirro said at one point.

An individual close to the network “absolutely” denied that Pirro was intoxicated and said the former prosecutor does not even drink alcohol.

Now, I don’t know about other media outlets, but this one, PolitiZoom, was asked by Fox News via email earlier today to modify the headline saying Pirro was drunk, based upon this source “close to the network” saying that she doesn’t drink at all. Here is what I responded.

If Ms. Pirro doesn’t drink at all, does she take drugs? She was clearly under the influence of something. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that if you would put footage of her usual performance next to this performance she is not herself and appears intoxicated. Some medical condition, perhaps? A reaction to prescription drugs or an allergy? I’m willing to accept any reasonable explanation and print an update or retraction, but the issue here is more than the lack of a hairdresser. The woman looks and sounds inebriated. Therefore, unless you can come up with a rational explanation for what happened here, I cannot justify revising my headline at this time.

Please feel free to get back to me should you discover any new information. I will be happy to consider it. Thank you.

Ursula Faw

Now let me state, in no uncertain terms, that if Fox News or anybody comes up with a legitimate reason to revise a headline or print a retraction, that will be done immediately. You may recall the news story last October of Fox News anchor Shepard Smith leaving his position abruptly and there was a story that he was escorted from the premises. I wrote a blog about that. The following day, the NBC reporter who I was citing as the source, recanted her story, and Fox News contacted me to say that this had occurred and please update the story. I did so without hesitation, and encouraged them to contact me at any future time that there was an issue and we would discuss it.

Point being, I have no desire to argue with Fox News, or again, anybody, if the facts have changed, new information has come forward and a legitimate correction needs to be made in a story, to make it accurate. Here, I don’t see where a source saying Pirro doesn’t drink doesn’t mean she wasn’t drunk. She appears to be in an altered state, and whether from drugs (prescription or recreational) or alcohol is irrelevant.

In any event, that’s my argument.

Perhaps Pirro will follow Trish Coronavirus-is-an-Impeachment-Hoax Regan out the door. We shall see.


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  1. What can you expect from these people? They have no conviction, no ethics, no morals, no conscience, and this whore pirro is not different from the rest of the republitard whores. They have to get into drugs, yes alcohol is a drug also, so they can convey their daily dose of lies and insults. Look at the other whores of this group like ingraham, regan, cheney, palin, coulter and almost all republican women. Exceptions to this is Anna Navarro that still has strong and real principles, but the rest? They are whores whose ideas and mentalities are nothing but hipocrissy, lies, and lack of education and empathy with the public.

  2. Tipsy hell , she looks drunk as hell .
    At best ( normally) she’s silly , but this is drunk .
    But , it’s no worse than usual.
    Makes you wonder why (O’ Riley ), never
    made a pass at her ?
    Ah just kidding!!!


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