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“The human cost of the illicit transfer, destabilizing accumulation and misuse of small arms runs deep,” she said, adding that the increased links among transnational organized crime, illicit small arms trafficking and terrorism, as well as the mounting use of the Internet, including the “dark web”, were of growing concern. Nearly all violent deaths were caused by firearms, and the rate of firearms‑related homicides in post‑conflict societies frequently outnumbered battlefield deaths. Small arms were also key determinants in the lethality and longevity of conflicts, and their rampant spread contributed to violations of international humanitarian and human rights, often playing a role in the deaths of United Nations peacekeepers and humanitarian workers. — Report of the UN, 2017.

On the 4th of February of 2019, senior officials debated on mercenary activities in Africa at the Security Council Debate of the United Nations. In general, the delegates. Weak State control over the national territory, gun trafficking, porous borders, and the absence of coordinated measures to counteract their proliferation have only emboldened such groups to operate outside the law. According to Antonio Guterres, mercenaries have committed human rights violations in Africa, suppressing movements along traditional border routes with Cameroon. These guns for hire, who are driven by monetary gains but at times also an ideology, have been used by some States, non-State actors as well as businesses, argued Dian Trianshyah (Indonesia).



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