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Well, tonight’s the big night, and ya know what? Fuck ’em. Every last man jackin’ one of ’em. And the horse they rode in on. If these empty headed Trumplets are willing to sit and stand in the rain for 3-4 days to watch a pumpkin in an Armani suit waddle out and scream up their nose for two hours, they deserve what they get. Likewise, if they know better, and are selfish and self indulgent enough to walk into that arena just to piss off us libtards, enjoy your respirator vacations y’all. No skin off of my nose.

But that’s not to say that I’m devoid of empathy. Far from it, I’m actually full to the gunwales with empathy. But that empathy is reserved for everybody who is unfortunate to know, live with, or work with these EEG flatliners, or anybody unfortunate enough to bump up against them in the coming days. Because at 9:30 or 10 o’clock tonight, when those doors open up, and all of those sated Trimbies come shambling out of that arena, it stops being purely a Tulsa problem.

MSNBC has had reporters on the ground since Tuesday, handed the unfortunate task of actually putting these denuded souls on national television. And what they found should make everybody less than thrilled. Those people standing around in line to bow before His Lowness weren’t just local Oklahoma residents, or even those statewide. They also interviewed people who had driven up from Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and even Tennessee. Notice anything similar there? They’re all red states, and all struggling with the coronavirus through their own ignorance and incompetence. And when those doors open tonight, all of those self indulgent idjits are going to go back where they came from.

And that’s when the shit will hit the fan. We all know the timeline by now. 8-14 days of gestation after initial infection, followed by 4-10 additional days before the symptoms get severe enough to require medical intervention. And this is one time when you’re not going to need trained investigators to track the source of the outbreak.

Because if there’s one thing we know about these MAGA morons, they’re not only dirt stupid, they’re also arrogant. You can bet your ass that any one of these twits that drove for hours to get to Tulsa has spent at least the entire week prior bragging about it. And three weeks from now, when the two people standing next to Stewie on the line at the oil change shop come down with the virus, it’s not going to be hard to come up with a handy culprit. And while all attendees may have signed a questionable waiver giving Trump and his campaign a free pass for trying to kill them, nobody else did. And I’m willing to bet that there are lawyers out there who can prove a rally connection to an infection of an innocent person will be willing to sue Trump and the campaign for depraved indifference.

This was a stupid idea to start with, but what did you expect. But the Trump campaign has gone to every length to make this as dangerous as possible for all involved. And sadly, the negative consequences will not be limited to the imbecile trolls who chose to put themselves into that situation. Innocent people are going to suffer due to Trump’s voracious stupidity and ego, and I dearly hope that when it all comes crashing down, more lawyers than you and I can count try to hold him responsible. Oh, and one more caveat for tonight’s attendees. A couple of weeks from now when you’re sweating like a bathroom mirror, and gasping for breath, I don’t wanna hear a single word about your belated Come To Jesus moment. A day late, and a dollar short, pal.

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  1. Lawyers who will potentially be representing the citizens of Tulsa will be rubbing their hands together with anticipation as the waiver may well have been signed by the MAGA idiots but the potential spread of the virus into the surrounding community would not be covered by that waiver and may not even cover the spread of the virus outside of the arena and it will only take a very smart lawyer to prove that there is a connection and then the house of cards will come down around Trump’s ears, I would pay to see that, if and when it eventuates.

  2. I don’t care to see another news article about people who contracted the virus due to their failure to follow the advice of HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. Keep following your Trumpstincts

  3. How stupid are these people are they willing to die for a guy that all he does is tell lies and say he is going to help the us but never does. How can they not wear their masks are they will;ing to die for a lhim I know I aM NOT THAT STUPID!


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