We on the left have spent all too much time debating the impeachment decision, when, where, if, etc. to the point our positions are ingrained, to the point that each of us knows the definition of “inherent contempt” and have a position on it. And that’s fine.

Whatever one’s beliefs on the utility of impeachment with a Republican Senate, and I certainly believe we’re past time, it is – however- near irrelevant in some context. Obviously, nothing we’ve seen yet indicates that the Republicans will cave on Trump, not with where things stand right now. But things could change, and change quickly.

What could change Republican intransigence with respect to Trump? What might get through their collective Stockholm syndrome? I believe three things are critical going into 2020, three things that – if procured – make Trump’s fate near inevitable.

First: We need the whistleblower complaint. I have seen a ton of stuff on the ‘tubes de net stating that Trump may or may not release the “transcripts.” Well, that’s fine, too, we can do that as part of a larger effort. We need the actual complaint, first, because we have reason to believe that the complaint encompasses more behavior than just the phone call. There are acts in accordance with the phone calls. The lifting of $250 million in military aid, held up, and a peculiar extra $140 million, that need be explained. We need the actual complaint to document everything the whistleblower saw. This could be “treason” on paper.

Second: We need Trump’s Deutsche Bank records. We have always questioned Trump’s ties to Russia, and it needs to be established. Trouble is, most of the witnesses to that relationship are in Russian territory, or within the Trump family, beyond Congress’s reach. However, we need not get testimony from witnesses to the relationship if we have evidence of Trump’s financial relationships, evidence  arising from the one choke point where everything “Trump-Russian” comes together, Deutsche Bank. It is the only “bank” on earth that will loan to Trump, they must have a reason that the other banks do not. I refuse to believe it is a coincidence that this same bank that has already been fined repeatedly for assisting the Russian oligarchy in its never-ending need to launder money is the same one that will loan to Trump. These banks records must establish the ties between Trump’s properties/money and the Russians backing him.

Third: We need Trump’s tax returns. These documents are absolutely critical to establish Trump’s conflicts of interest. We cannot know how he makes his money, how much he is losing, or how desperate he might be, without his tax returns. Put simply, without Trump’s tax returns, everyone is flying blind, with no reason at all to trust Trump. Might I also add that there was a whistleblower complaint filed within the IRS pertaining to the handling of Trump’s taxes, and we don’t even know where that complaint has gone at this point.

The law makes it very clear, the IRS must turn Trump’s taxes over to the relevant House committee. It is an anti-corruption statute precisely intended to lift the veil on possible corruption.

The above three “needs” would expose what I call “crimes on paper,” those actions which speak for themselves, and cannot be spun away with “context.” They are less susceptible to “what about?” arguments of the type we’re seeing right now, “but what about Biden …?” Fuck Biden, we’ll deal with him later if there is something there. For now “what about your damn promise to the Ukraine, selling out foreign policy?”

See how it works?

And why do the “crimes on paper” matter so much? Because Trump must be forced to defend reality, not propaganda. Whether it is before the Senate, or before the U.S. voters, Trump must be forced to run against “reality.” Reality likely includes crimes sitting there on paper and perhaps even the Republican Senate cannot stomach the man’s reality when sitting on paper. Impeachment talk becomes meaningful. In the alternative, if impeachment doesn’t move the Republican Senate, than all of them, senate and Trump, must run in 2020 with “reality” exposed. Trump is a fraud, and there is no “what about” about it. Make him run against all he has said, versus all that is reality, and then let the U.S. voter contemplate all else that remains hidden.

When put this way, we see that “impeachment” itself isn’t so much a goal as a means to a goal. Impeachment hearings may well be the only way to really get the three critical documents. It is hard to know. All one knows is that we cannot go forward in 2020 without the above three sets of documents. Therefore, by whatever legal means necessary, obtaining the “Big Three” should be the “end goal,” because otherwise we leave “reality” off the table.

One thing we know, no one has ever mastered “fictional reality” better than Trump. He started as a fictional billionaire reality TV star. It is time for him to grow-up, make the MAGA heads grow up, and make America “real” again.

Whatever else one says about Trump, the environment he’s imposed upon us is real. Turnabout is only fair.


Peace, y’all


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  1. All he has to do is claim the evidence was faked, counterfeited. His diehard supporters will believe it. Just like they STILL believe Obama faked his birth certificate despite a republican governor vouching for it. Just like they believed that Hillary was running a child sex ring (and many still do now that Jeffrey Epstein was found to be trafficking children – and Bill Clinton’s being known to visit him on occasion). The diehards will never believe that Trump lies, cheats and steals. He’s their “savior” and they will not be easily swayed. We HAVE to make sure EVERYONE’S on board to vote whoever is nominated on our side. Vote whoever you want in the primary, but BE SURE TO SUPPORT THE NOMINEE, WHOEVER IT IS!! We cannot be divided in November 2020.

    • ..No one is going to convince his base he’s a jerk , they know that , and it represents them :
      ..,They want to see the country go down , they have always felt “ left out of the mainstream” of America . They jest want to (tear it down) for everybody. If they can’t “have it “, no one can !!
      ..Trump is their answer, by being
      a (wrecking ball), destroying our democracy


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