Thousands plan to plank on the steps of the Supreme Court for RBG’s birthday

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If there is one sacred person left in Washington, most people will agree it’s Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court, known by her fans (“ supporters” seems too light a word) as “ RBG.”  Ginsburg is a feminist (and at this point, pop culture) icon. Among the most important things (like, you know, her ruling record), people have become enamored with her exercise routine.

This fascination probably comes from a few areas. Ginsburg, who is turning 86 this year, has joked that among the most important people in her personal life is her trainer, Bryant Johnson. Johnson has even written a book about what they do to keep Ginsburg in good health. People have also closely monitored the justice’s health out of fear of who Trump may nominate to replace her.

The key to this exercise regime? Planking.

Now, literal thousands of people have expressed interest in planking on the steps of the Supreme Court on Friday, March 15 to celebrate Ginsburg’s birthday. While planking, they’ll also sing Happy Birthday, because of course.

The details of the event are up on Facebook. Rebecca Funk (after getting approval from the government), moved forward with the event in connection with her resistance retailer, Outrage. In the past, Funk actually organized another event that involved planking. This one, however, was held in Outrage’s members-only activist space, based in D.C.

When speaking to the Washingtonian, Funk explained:

“The image of thousands of women planking on the steps of SCOTUS while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ is the most joyful act of resistance I can think of right now. We recognize that resistance can and must be multi-faceted, and we encourage and equip our community to have courageous conversations, channel righteous anger into action, and in these instances, use joy as an act of resistance.”

Can’t make it to DC? Feel free to plank in her honor wherever you are. (Or read up on her incredible life, or watch the documentary about her, or watch the movie, or . . . you get the idea.)

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She’s worthy. Support her birthday. Thank you RGB.

True Patriot
True Patriot

I’ll plank for RGB’s birthday. She deserves it!