Roger Stone exits the federal courthouse Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Well hell, it looks like nobody got what they wanted, did we? I don’t get to see Roger Stone slopping his way teary eyed into prison, and you guys don’t to give me a ration of shit about being right about Trump pardoning his old bag man. He only commuted his sentence, and chose to let the conviction stand. But the way the whole thing played out was Trumpian to the extreme, even for Trump.

Former SDNY prosecutor Daniel Goldman, the House lead counsel in Trump’s impeachment hearings tweeted out something provocative. Goldman tweeted that in commuting Stone’s sentence today, as opposed to on the day after the election, Trump is signalling that he already knows that he will be defeated in November.

I totally get Goldman’s logic, and agree with it 100%. If Trump thought that his path to victory in November was secure, he could afford to let Stone report to prison, and pardon him on the day after the election, knowing that if Stone bitched, and tried to drop a dime on him, it didn’t matter since Tubby the Ewok would spend the next four years stifling Stone from causing trouble. The fact that Trump had to buy Stone off now indicates that if Stone had dropped a dime after reporting for prison, a new Attorney General in January would still have plenty of time to mine Stone to sink  Trump. That’s the kind of cold, hard logic it’s hard to argue against.

But I was struck by something completely different that came out over the course of the day, and it was the fact that the pathetic little weasel Stone couldn’t even keep his own story straight. Several hours before the announcement was made, journalist Howard Fineman tweeted that in an interview that morning with Stone, Stone had requested that Trump commute his sentence, rather than pardon him, so that Stone could clear his name through the courts. But yet hours later, when repeating his conversation with Trump over the phone advising him of his decision, Stone told reporters that Trump had told him that he was commuting his sentence rather than pardoning him so that Stone could continue to fight to clear his good name through the appeals process. Both of those can’t possibly be true.

But the end run fuck you was purely and uniquely Trumpian. By commuting Roger Stone’s sentence, Stone is still a  convicted federal felon. And since Stone is busy fighting his conviction in the appellate court, I find it highly doubtful that he has yet to pay his court costs and fines from his conviction. As such, as a Florida resident, Stone is not eligible for Florida’s convict repatriation law, and will not be eligible to vote for his old buddy in November. And it’s worse than that. Despite all of Stone’s foppish affectations when it comes to haberdashery, Stone is not a wealthy man. He repeatedly irritated Judge Berman Jackson by shilling for donations to his legal defense fund while awaiting trial on his original charges. Leaving Stone’s conviction intact means that it is going to cost Stone tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands trying to clear his name through the courts.

There is reporting indicating that Bill Barr is mickle displeased with Trump’s action. Barr apparently wanted to let Stone hang and go to prison, to provide at least some vague patina that the DOJ was capable of showing independence from the executive branch. Tough Titty, Tubby. But this entire Friday night news dump debacle is just one more shining example that His Lowness is capable of fucking up a one car funeral. What a way to run a railroad.

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  1. I doubt we’ll see Stone on the street rattling his tin cup. The wealthy are always poor-mouthed, as my mother used to call it. “We just don’t have the cash for that at the moment.”
    Why would he need to appeal if his sentence is already commuted? It is not like he will be submitting resumes any time in the future. It is not like Trump will lose by one vote if Stone can’t vote for him. What’s the point?


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