The whole world is once again at war and there’s a space age new class of weapons custom designed to specifically destroy this deadly common enemy.

All you need to do to defend your loved ones, and your fellow Americans, is to properly arm yourselves…

Washington Post

Former president Donald Trump said Wednesday that coronavirus vaccines are effective and that more Americans should get the shot…


“The vaccines do work,” he said on the “John Fredericks Show,” a conservative talk radio program. “And they are effective. So here’s my thing: I think I saved millions and millions of lives around the world. We would have had another Spanish flu.”

“And now countries are using our vaccines, and it’s tremendous,” Trump added. “It’s tremendously successful.”

Trump said he knows many people personally who have died of the coronavirus and praised his administration for the role he says it played in making vaccines available earlier than expected.

If you get sick with Coronavirus, then you are literally harboring this enemy, giving it aid and comfort, providing it a chance to mutate…


Crucially, the odds of a fully-vaccinated person who does catch COIVD-19 ending up hospitalized with severe symptoms were reduced by more than two-thirds compared to an unvaccinated coronavirus patient. The survey also found that the risk of breakthrough patients suffering from long-COVID, with symptoms lasting more than a month, were cut in half by full vaccination.


The data, gathered from December 8, 2020, through July 4, 2021, show that of more than 1.2 million adults who received a first dose, fewer than 0.5% reported contracting breakthrough infections two weeks or more after getting the jab. Among those who got both shots, fewer than 0.2% experienced a breakthrough infection a week or more after getting their second shot.

“Among those who did experience a breakthrough infection, the odds of that infection being asymptomatic increased by 63% after one vaccine dose and by 94% after the second dose,” the study’s authors wrote in The Lancet.

These wondrous new vaccines have been proven safe and effective by the 4.2 billion people who have had at least one dose. Over half of the world’s population has received it…

These miracle vaccines are a marvel of the modern age and turn your body into a high tech weapons factory against the virus.

The Guardian

“The crucial point is that you don’t need an actual virus in your hands these days, you just need the 28,000 letters of its genetic code,” said coronavirus expert David Matthews of Bristol University. “You could text it to someone and that would fire the starting gun.”


“It’s novel technology but it is also a very simple one,” said Prof Peter Openshaw of Imperial College London. “Essentially it involves basic chemical synthesis and not much more. You don’t have to carefully tend tissue cultures, keep your vessels highly sterile and so forth. You just make a chemical strand of RNA and put it in a person. That is a key reason that BioNTech and Moderna got such quick results.”

It is also a highly promising technology that could be exploited very quickly in future, Openshaw added. “It’s almost like a plug and play vaccine. You could pick other bits of RNA and create combination vaccines with incredible ease. For instance you could combine influenza RNA with Covid RNA and make a combination vaccine against both diseases. This technology is revolutionary.”

When Covid’s last victim is finally set to rest in the hopefully not too distant future, only two kinds of people will remain… Those who harbored this enemy, and those who were armed against it.

Elon University

At this point, no one should need the government to tell them to get vaccinated. There is no question vaccinations provide amazing protection against this virus. Are there any reasons to avoid vaccination? Sure, in rare medical cases, and perhaps because of religious reasons. But it is unreasonable to think these exceptions should apply to half of the great citizens of Mississippi and other Trump-friendly states.

As a scientist, I am a big believer in the concept of objective truth. Vaccines work regardless of whether you believe in them. Unfortunately, you cannot expect all politicians and media outlets to reinforce that truth. Too many of them are fixated on votes, dollars, or both.

For example, the Fox News article I referenced earlier was titled, “Texas Governor signs order banning COVID vaccine, mask mandates.” This title might tickle the ears of Fox consumers who loathe government mandates, but the title misrepresents how Governor Abbott feels about vaccines. In truth, he received the vaccine last December and has encouraged his fellow Texans to do likewise.

Your “natural immunity” is in no way natural… Without the vaccinations you received as a child you may very well have been crippled or died before now. It’d be foolhardy for someone to turn down a free upgrade to a weapons system that has protected them their entire life…


So far, we’ve used vaccines to entirely wipe out two diseases: smallpox and rinderpest, which infects cattle.

We’ve also come extremely close to eradicating polio, with less than 500 new cases annually, largely in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

In the United States, a long list of diseases have been nearly eradicated by vaccines: diphtheria, bacterial influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus, among others.

When the polio vaccine was rolled out in 1954, both of my WWII veteran grandfathers made sure that their children received it… All seven of those children are alive today.

Chidren’s Hospital of Philadelphia

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 1950 and 1953 there were approximately 119,000 cases of paralytic polio in the United States and 6,600 deaths.

Polio, a highly contagious virus, affected people differently. Most of those infected were asymptomatic; others had mild symptoms such as sore throat, fever, stomach pain or vomiting. Yet for some it caused paralysis and sometimes, death.

While polio could occur during the school year, outbreaks peaked during the summer months, and children were the most susceptible.

Many aspects of the disease — like its transmission and prevention — took time to figure out. However, while reliable information about how the disease spread was available, there was no shortage of fear. The uncertainty, coupled with the devastating effects of paralytic polio, led to frustration and panic.

The American polio story has a happy ending. Dr. Jonas Salk’s inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) was deemed “safe, effective and potent” in 1955, and rates of polio began to drop. By the 1960s, an oral polio vaccine, made by Albert Sabin, became available. In less than 25 years, due to the effectiveness of these vaccines, the United States had virtually eliminated polio. Today, we still immunize against polio because people traveling to and from other parts of the world can be infected and reintroduce the virus in this country.

If you really want to stick it to greedy pharmaceutical companies… Get the shot. They’re getting paid whether it goes into your arm or into the trash. The longer you wait, the more money they make.


When then-President Donald Trump announced his administration’s COVID-19 vaccine initiative in the Rose Garden on May 15, 2020, he said: “It’s called Operation Warp Speed. That means big, and it means fast.”

He was right. Vaccine development usually takes years. But by spending billions of dollars right away, the Trump administration was trying to condense that timeline to less than a year. A big chunk of the money was earmarked to help companies gear up their manufacturing so they could begin making vaccines even before they knew for sure if they worked.


For five of the six companies deemed part of Operation Warp Speed, the government was helping secure raw materials, equipment and more. Experts from Operation Warp Speed were also hands-on in helping the factories hire and train workers and develop quality systems.

You may well have a right to risk your own life betting against every global health expert on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a smart bet…

While you’re fighting for air and sucking on that ventilator to “own the libs,” just remember… You’re providing a warm home and a safe breeding ground for the real enemy.

Hopefully, before it gets to all that, you’ll reevaluate whose side you’re really on and get yourself and your family vaccinated.

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