This one from the Trump Twitter Archive, ought to make Headlines tomorrow

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This is rich.   “Traitor Don” once scolded the Leader who got Bin Laden, about “skipping his intel briefings” — of all things:

This Trump-tantrum-Tweet happened on the anniversary of 9/11 — back in 2012, of all days.

One of his current advisors should remind him of the kind of intelligence that gets passed along in those “presidential daily briefings” …  (and that, a REAL leader reads them.)

President’s Daily Brief from 6 August 2001, headlined “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in the US.

Source:  National Security Archive

That’s of course if Trump’s “advisor” can find time to give him yet another “very strong denial” once again:

Nyet. Meddling with America?  I would never dream of it, Donald.’

And if he can’t get a meeting, just pick up the phone — his personal advisor is always just a “speed dial” away:


Both of them.

And the GOP-enablers that support such “secret diplomacy” with our active adversary.

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