This Move Isn’t For The “Base”

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*Sigh* If it’s Friday, then it must be Funky Friday. Once again Emperor Gluteus Maximus is licking his numbus nuttus in public. When asked in the Oval Office today about Tubby the Ewok’s naked power play to spring Michael Flynn, Trump replied, Oh, I think you’re going to see a great deal more in the next few weeks. This is just one piece of a dirty puzzle.

OK, this is going to turn into a mammoth problem for Trump, with absolutely no viable upside for him, so of course he’s dead set on this path. For starters, the optics are terrible. The nation is still in the middle of a national pandemic, no matter Trump’s demented comments. A whole bunch of states are reopening states where the daily infection rate as well as the death rate is rising, and Trump is bitching about having to constantly raise the expected death toll. And it’s only going to get worse in the coming weeks. And El Pendejo Presidente is fixated on revisiting the Trump-Russia investigation.

This move is not about revving up the base for the 2020 election, for the simple reason that it can’t be! Trump is flogging the original dead horse here, because he beat the fucking rap! He already spiked the ball in the end zone over his acquittal. Nobody cares anymore! Trump revisiting the Scandal is like the winning coach in the Super Bowl bitching to the media about a holding call in the third quarter. Who cares?!? You won! Besides, these days even Trump supporters are more interested in earning a paycheck, keeping a roof over their heads, and food in their kids faces than that old saw.

So, why do it? Personally, I think that there are two reasons. The first reason was provided by former high ranking FBI official Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC. Trump’s back is against the wall. His popularity is in the tanker, his polling numbers are in the toilet, and he’s behind in critical states. Fugliuzzi mentioned something interesting, notice how Trump has never called it the Mueller hoax, or the Democratic hoax, or the Comey hoax? No, the goddamn thing has never been anything other than the Russia hoax.

That investigation was an embarrassment to Trump, and it will be used against him in the campaign. But I don’t expect any sudden rash of pardons for Manafort, Stone, Flynn if the current trick doesn’t work, or any of the other slobs who facilitated this mess. Because they weren’t convicted of conspiring with Russia. And Russia is the embarrassment for Trump.

And it’s not just an embarrassment for Trump either, it’s also a major embarrassment for Vlad the Imp. Remember, there’s at least one open indictment coming out of the Mueller investigation. And that’s a very specific indictment against more than two dozen Russian GRU officers for tampering in the election. That is the gold ring here, nothing else. If Trump wants the Russia monkey off of his back, then Barr must find a way to vacate those indictments, full of nasty things like names, ranks, office identification, and even goddamn IP addresses. If that goes away, Trump can go back to calling it a hoax, or a witch hunt for his slobbering fools.

The second reason is my own, and I touched upon it briefly in a recent article. Despite his narcissism, I’m almost starting to believe that the inconvenient truth has started to seep in for Trump that, like Donovan and his cheesy Mello Yello, is about to become a one hit wonder. And if Trump can’t get a second term, then he will have no opportunity to accomplish something spectacular enough to overshadow the blood red stain of impeachment. This specter is intolerable to Trump.

So from where I’m sitting, watch for William Barr to do everything in his power to undermine or overturn every negative result coming out from the Mueller investigation and the pursuant court cases and pleas. Because only by illegitimizing every possible step of the investigation and convictions, can Trump hope to con historians into writing that the entire impeachment process was illegitimate.

The problem with this tactic is that unlike Trump himself, the vast majority of reputable historians are not blathering morons. They will not only cover the original investigations and trials fairly and dispassionately, but then they’ll go into great detail about the ham handed attempt to dismiss it as illegitimate. Which will only make William Barr look every bit as dishonorable, unethical, corrupt, and criminal as Trump himself. Which is something to look forward to.

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J. M.

Watched too! Great refresher.