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We are all focused on the task of getting rid of Trump in November.  And with good reason — he is a real threat to our country, our system of government, and the world.  But Trump isn’t the only cause of the problems in this country (well, at least not all of them).  We have a political party that has come to rely, more and more, on fear and hatred and division in order to win.

Trump is a symptom of that party, not a cause.

Getting rid of Trump is essential, but it won’t be enough.

We also need to use this election to show that Trumpism should be gone too.

We need to show that people can win by being ethical and moral and honest.

We need to show decency winning in a landslide.

And we need to show it all over this country and not just in the traditional Blue areas.

Because they will only stop being hateful and deceitful and awful if it no longer works as an election strategy.  As sad as that is, they have shown us that it is all that matters to them.

But the good news is that we can show them that.  We can do everything we can to GOTV and boost our candidates.  We can win the WH by a wide margin and we can win in race after race.

We can even win in traditionally red areas when we bring decency and honesty.  And THAT will terrify the people who rely on hate and fear to win.  The knowledge that we can beat them on their own turf will do a world of good.

And we have an opportunity to show them that in the reddest district in New York State.  NY’s 27th.  This was Chris Collin’s district.  You remember him, the very first congressman to endorse trump (who later ran into some insider trading troubles).

NY’s 27th went for Trump by 25 points in 2016.  Twenty-five!

Nate McMurray has come close to winning the congressional seat in it twice, and this November, with our help, he can win.

And McMurray has come close DESPITE running in a special election that coincided with a Republican primary for the seat (but not a Democratic one).  He came that close despite many people not even knowing there was an election that night.  He came that close despite being outspent by a huge margin. He came so close despite Jacobs receiving significant support from Trump — including numerous robocalls, tweets, and a live Town hall the night before Election Night.  He came so close even though he was outspent on commercials 10 to 1.

And, more important for us, he came that close while speaking the truth about Trump and the jerks who surround him.

Like this:

and this:

and he came that close being honest about his progressive ideals:

and this:

and this:

And national news talked about the fear Trump should feel by Nate coming  within 5.3 points of Jacobs in NY-27

In reaction to that total, Dave Wasserman, House editor for the Cook Political Report, tweeted: “This is a pretty dismal special election showing for Rs,” meaning Republicans.

Wasserman said he expected Jacobs’ lead to dwindle further with Niagara County’s results, producing a surprisingly tight result in a district that President Trump won by 25 points four years ago.

“Even if it stands where it is, at 5.3% in the reddest district in New York, when I ran an anti-Trump campaign and got outspent by so much – it’s gonna send a message regarding November not just for us, but for the country,” McMurray said.

McMurray can win in November.  And doing so will show that progressive ideals, honesty, and decency can win anywhere.  And that will be a game-changer.

Now onto the Good News ????

State Democrats mount a big comeback in 2020

Once ignored, underfunded and often written off, Democratic state party organizations are harvesting record-setting cash heading into the 2020 election, reasserting their roles inside the Democratic infrastructure after suffering for years in competition with super PACs and campaigns.

Across 15 possible battleground states, nearly every Democratic state party group is hitting higher quarterly fundraising totals or holding more cash on hand in their federal accounts than they did at this point during the 2016 presidential campaign, and a majority of them did both, according to a POLITICO analysis of Federal Election Commission filings and in interviews with party officials. Many of these state parties — responsible for field operations and coordinating a ticket-wide campaign — are seeing three, four or five times the amount of cash they did before.

The influx of money is giving an organizing boost to Joe Biden, Senate Democrats and other candidates heading into November 2020. Presidential candidates typically spend the final months of an election anxiously shoveling money toward state parties to fund get-out-the-vote operations and other critical infrastructure, but Democrats are running ahead of schedule this year.

This is important not just because we NEED the money but because it shows how enthusiastic and motivated we are!

And they are so dumb and awful that even their terrible moves (like abandoning testing to F over Blue states) bites them in the butt:

this suburban racism call is also going to bite them in the butt

Trump’s message collides with diversifying suburbs

President Donald Trump’s racially charged warnings to suburban voters about crime and housing face a fundamental headwind: the suburbs themselves are much more racially diverse than even two decades ago.

In contrast to the stereotype of homogenous communities of White families behind white picket fences, in many of the largest suburban counties around America Whites now compose only about half or less of the population.
 the suburbs’ growing diversity means he faces a vastly different, and more difficult, audience than Richard Nixon did when making similar arguments half a century ago.

and the trashing of voting by mail (butt bite!)

even his allies aren’t helping him:

Fox News may be destroying Trump’s reelection hopes

It would be a peculiarly apt form of poetic justice if the entity that has done so much to help President Trump run this country into the ground — Fox News — ends up playing an outsize role in helping destroy his chances at reelection.

Yet that may be exactly what’s happening.

This possibility is thrust upon us by two remarkable new reports: one in The Post illuminating Trump’s unsettled mental universe as he grapples with the new coronavirus surge, and one in the New York Times reporting that his law enforcement crackdowns are only accelerating more protests in response.

Trump repeatedly failed to act to tame the spread, even though that would have helped him politically, due to a pathological refusal to admit earlier error and “overly rosy assessments and data” from Fox News

Trump is surely sliding in part because majorities prioritize defeating the virus even if it harms the economy. Yet Fox’s programming keeps telling him things are going better than they otherwise would be thanks to his glorious leadership, and that calls for extreme caution on reopening are a hoax.

Meanwhile, Trump is mainlining from Fox a daily picture of the protests that is highly distorted and narcotically numbing.

and this a$$hole

And our allies are amazing —  we have Obama on our side ❤️ Obama Unleashes on Trump Privately as He Raises $24 Million for Biden

At fund-raising events where he has pulled in more than $24 million for Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign in the past two months, former President Barack Obama has privately unleashed on President Trump to party donors, bringing up past accusations of Mr. Trump’s “assaulting women” and warning of his efforts to push “nativist, racist, sexist” fears and resentments.

With less than 100 days until the presidential election, Mr. Obama has laid out the stakes of 2020 in forceful fashion. He has urged support for Mr. Biden, his former vice president, while worrying about the state of American democracy itself, even making an oblique reference to Nazi Germany, according to notes made from recordings of Mr. Obama’s remarks, donors and others who have been on the calls.

and LeBron → LeBron James’ voting rights group to help Florida’s ex-felons who owe fines and fees register to vote

An organization started by NBA superstar LeBron James and other Black athletes and entertainers announced Friday that it will help Floridians with prior felony convictions register to vote in the November election.

More Than A Vote said it will donate $100,000 to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition’s fund for Floridians struggling to pay off outstanding fees and fines associated with their felony convictions before they register to vote.
“This is a fight about their constitutional right to vote being denied,” James, the NBA champion and former Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat star who now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, tweeted Friday.
“We believe that your right to vote shouldn’t depend upon whether or not you can pay to exercise it,” Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem, who is also a member of More Than A Vote, said in a press release Friday. “Which is why More Than A Vote is proud to partner with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to ensure that formerly incarcerated American citizens — many of them Black and brown — are able to pay their outstanding fines and fees and register to vote in the 2020 election and beyond.”
Warren, a Massachusetts senator and leading progressive, has become an unlikely confidant and adviser to Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. They talk every 10 days or so, according to aides to both politicians who spoke on condition of anonymity to freely describe their relationship. Those forums have provided opportunities for Warren to make a case on top policy issues to Biden, who ran a more centrist primary campaign.
He adopted Warren-endorsed plans on personal bankruptcy, expanding Social Security benefits and canceling student-loan debt for millions of Americans. She also helped devise important portions of his post-pandemic economic recovery proposals.

and there are signs that their ship really is going down

Oh, and this sign:

Trump campaign temporarily halts ad spending for review of messaging strategy

President Donald Trump’s campaign has canceled a series of advertisement buys over the next few days as they review their messaging strategy, a senior campaign official told CNN.

The decision comes after the campaign demoted former campaign manager Brad Parscale and elevated current campaign manager Bill Stepien. The move to promote Stepien and demote Parscale took place on July 15, a little more than two weeks ago.

and this delicious one →House GOP’s pleas to Republican National Committee for financial help go unanswered

Senior House Republicans are pleading with the deep-pocketed Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign to provide financial help as Democrats vastly outraise the GOP, but top campaign officials are so far declining to commit.

The rejection has angered some Republicans, many of whom believe the president has a duty to help the party — not just himself. Those familiar with the dispute, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly, blame Kushner for failing to understand the importance of unity and working together.

The refusal to help the NRCC is all the more striking because House Republicans in safe seats recently contributed to the president’s reelection, making donations of tens of thousands of dollars at the request of his campaign.

And the numbers are on our side:

More than half of Americans polled say they will definitely vote to oust Donald Trump from office, and they are definitively not open to changing course.

Fully 53% of respondents in the latest Civiqs survey released Thursday said they “oppose President Trump, and there’s almost nothing that could change that.” Surpassing the 50% threshold on that question is a key marker since it gives Trump little wiggle room in his path to reelection in the Electoral College. Once more, those definitely opposing Trump’s reelection outpaced those definitely supporting him by 19 points.

Republicans suddenly sweating falling deep into House minority

A slew of dismal summer polls and a persistent fundraising gap have left some Republicans fretting about a nightmare scenario in November: That they will fall further into the House minority.

Publicly, House GOP leaders are declaring they can still net the 17 seats needed to flip the chamber. But privately, some party strategists concede it’s a much grimmer picture, with as many as 20 Republican seats at risk of falling into Democratic hands.

And there are fewer of them every day → U.S. Conservatism Down Since Start of 2020

  • 34% in the U.S. identify as conservative, down from 40% in February
  • Conservatism slides most among upper-income and middle-aged adults
  • Adults under 35 more likely to identify as liberal than conservative

In nearly every swing state at this point, Biden is outperforming Obama and Clinton

In Michigan, Trump trails his likely opponent, former vice president Joe Biden, by nine points. In Minnesota, Biden’s up 13. In Pennsylvania, Biden is up 11.

Yes, Trump narrowly won Michigan when Hillary Clinton was narrowly expected to win four years ago, but she didn’t come into Election Day leading him by nine points.

Biden’s not only outperforming where Clinton was at the end of the election and relative to where she was at the same point in the race — he’s also outperforming where Barack Obama was nationally and in key swing states in 2008 and 2012.


On the lighter side



I am so lucky and so proud to be in this with all of you ❤️ ✊ ❤️

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