Warning — it really is bloody —  “not pretty” ( an understatement) and will be “controversial with some”  quoting Wilson.  WOW!! Are they coming on here or what. This is strong even for them.


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  1. The maggot didn’t know if he was going to fight??? Really???? The five time draft dodging coward. The only way he know how to fight is with assaulting women and people who can’t fight back with his filthy mouth and threatening others to do his fighting for him or pay the consequences.
    daddy isn’t here to bail him out. Please God let the republicans
    see how important to vote against him. he is a nothing and no longer
    can hurt them. Bullies are cowards and always slink away if someone stands up to them.

  2. “All the perfumes of Arabia couldn’t sweeten (their) little (or big) hands.” —William Shakespeare (“MacBeth”) You damn right, they’re responsible!!

  3. Those people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Free speech my ass. You know in America you can say pretty much what you want. But you will still get in trouble if you yell fire in a crowded theater. You f-cfing moron republicans.


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