Let’s face it.  According to the polls, Democrats have generally outnumbered Republicans by a good four to five percent in recent years.  But, because of gerrymandering and the fact that we tend to congregate in blue states and cities, our voting power has been diluted, a fact the GOP has taken full advantage of.  

Now however, that the GOP’s old techniques to grasp and hold onto power are failing for one simple reason, they’re losing voters.  That fact is no more demonstrated than in the latest  Gallup Poll showing that Democrats have widened their favorability in party affiliation by some 9%.  That’s the biggest advantage Democrats have held since 2012.  

The GOP is no doubt looking at their sinking approval ratings, and doing the only thing they know to do to win—cheat.  The GOP is so desperate to win that they are passing legislation designed specifically to deny voting rights to known Democratic voters as a way to level the playing field for themselves.  A playing field that, as Gallop notes, is rather lopsided, because any time the GOP has held the majority in party ID in the polls it has been “rare and short-lived.”

Democrats just don’t represent the majority of voters, we are the majority of customers for big corporations.  We also represent the vast majority of economic power in this county.  The counties that voted for Biden represent 70% of the GDP in this country.  We need to continually hold Delta, Coke, et al feet to the fire and push for them to not only speak out against these blatant, partisan attempts to suppress the vote, but pressure them to donate to voting rights groups to fight the laws, and have them warn GOP legislators that if they back these bills, they’re donations will be cut off.   

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