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Is this trolling on the part of the CDC? Or do they really mean it?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has scheduled a briefing for later this month to outline how the public can prepare for nuclear war.

“While a nuclear detonation is unlikely, it would have devastating results and there would be limited time to take critical protection steps. Despite the fear surrounding such an event, planning and preparation can lessen deaths and illness,” the notice about the Jan. 16 briefing says on the CDC’s website, which features a photo of a mushroom cloud.

The notice went on to say that most people don’t know that sheltering in place for at least 24 hours is “crucial to saving lives and reducing exposure to radiation.”


The nation’s public health guardians raising the specter of nuclear annihilation could be them taking their responsibility seriously given the president’s propensity to brag about his “big button,” really make sure we are all prepared. As if any preparations could make a difference for our collective or individual futures.

It could also be the CDC sending the clearest message they can to the only people who have any capacity to contain Trump that maybe they should be doing something about him. Let’s all hope they’re listening. Because sheltering in place for 24 hours isn’t any kind of answer.

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