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So let me get the timeline of events straight…

  • Mitch McConnell abandoned his constitutional duty to consider Merrick Garland for SCOTUS.
  • Trump and Republicans then share polling data with a hostile foreign power and use that hostile foreign power as illegal proxies in their campaigns to win the Presidency, the House and Senate.
  • Russians co-opt the gun lobby groups, funneling millions of dollars of illegal campaign contributions to Republicans, up and down the ballot
  • Trump and the Republicans win the election, Presidency, House and Senate, OFF THE BACK OF MATERIAL RUSSIAN HELP, UP AND DOWN THE BALLOT
  • He and the GOP pack animals then ram through Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.
  • The GOP has fought like rabid dogs to destroy the healthcare for millions of people.
  • The GOP rams through the Tax Scam that siphoned trillions of dollars away from the public and into the hands of the mega wealthy.
  • Working Americans still haven’t had a pay rise for decades.
  • Trump nominates every two-bit shill and idiot to run his government departments, with the express desire to dismantle those same departments
  • Trump starves and dismays the State Department to a shadow of it’s former self
  • Trump and Republicans attack the DoJ until it is a simpering mess
  • Trump and Republicans attack the basis of our Democracy — Facts and Truth and Knowledge and replace it with bullshit, lies, disinformation and propaganda
  • We face fresh corruption and theft and incompetence scandals on a more than daily basis
  • Trump attacks NATO, the UN, and Europe → OUR OWN ALLIES
  • Trump allows so many department heads and positions to be ‘acting’ so as to circumvent Senate oversight
  • Trump and Republicans take a perfectly well-functioning economy and break it
  • Trump and Republicans take a perfectly well functioning border security system and confect outrage
  • When the Republicans lose the House in a highly gerrymandered midterms, the last dog act of a mongrel Congress is to SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT
  • And now the next step is for them to ‘declare a national emergency?’

A National Emergency? What the hell is that? An emergency? For what?

Does anyone else see a pattern?

This isn’t about the Wall.

Don’t for a second think that McConnell has any interest in opening the government.

They are all in this together.

And I hope you can see how the pieces are coming together.

They are slowly but surely dismantling the government.

I am hearing many pundits RIGHTLY talking about the autocratic nature of what is going on.

However, those same pundits are ALL giving Mitch McConnell a big pass, pinning all of these problems and dysfunction on Trump.

Where is Mitch McConnell?

Where are the repeated demands by the press for him to give a press conference and outline his position? Outline his plan? Outline his path to FULFILLING HIS CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY AND UPHOLD HIS OATH?

How can Mitch McConnell be allowed to remain silent when there is a crisis in the government?

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  1. How can Mitch McConnell be allowed to remain silent when there is a crisis in the government?

    Because he is part of it, and could be the ringleader, the dotard has no common sense, he only does what they tell him to do. Remember the collapse of the Soviet Union? Read up on it.

  2. Trump says Democrats fighting over border wall because they’re scared of2020.

    The real world says Trump refuses to release his tax returns because it’ll show that he is a cheat and a money launderer.

      • That’s a very good question, but have they let him or is tax evasion and money laundering, along with bluster and bravado what he is best at? Running a government, a business, a grade school playground is obviously above and beyond anything he can do.
        I seriously doubt they let him, why hasn’t it come up earlier?
        Be consistent. Audits and examinations aren’t random. They’re generally based on patterns. When you swerve outside of the lines a bit, you might attract attention.
        Keep good records. Deductions and/or refundable tax credits aren’t magical numbers that you simply conjure up. (his numbers were conjured up) You’ll want to have paperwork (falsified paperwork) to substantiate those numbers.
        As far as laundering money, for one thing you have to have others as in a bank, or perhaps a major drug dealer who cannot just truck wads of cash to the local bank and make a deposit or maybe Deutsche Bank?
        Maybe like when Russian oligarchs buy condos for twice it’s value? Or entire floors and they sit empty. And oh yeah, who spends 300-400 million or more IN CASH to buy real estate? I never went to college but I do have a BA in BS and THAT reeks of dirty money, I would guarantee it.


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