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Demonstrations are taking place in more than 1,000 U.S. cities and towns on Thursday evening—beginning at 5:00 PM (local time)—in response to President Donald Trump “installing a hack” to oversee the ongoing investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“We’re not shedding any tears for, nor are we protesting for, Jeff Sessions. He’ll likely be remembered as the worst Attorney General in American history. We’re protesting Trump installing a hack to obstruct Mueller’s investigation.”  —Public Citizen

By forcing Attorney General Jeff Session to resign and appointing Matthew Whitaker—a hostile critic of Mueller’s probe into election meddling—progressive organizers say the emergency nationwide #ProtectMueller protests are designed to raise the alarm about the “existential threat” Whitaker poses to the investigation and to let Trump know in no uncertain terms that “nobody is above the law.”

Protests are scheduled to start Thursday at 5pm local time.
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“We will not allow Trump to get away with obstructing this criminal investigation, and we will not allow Congress to abdicate its responsibility under the Constitution. We don’t have dictators in America,” declared Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn Civic Action, one of several groups organizing the mobilization. “Trump’s attempt to be his own judge and jury is inconsistent with the rule of law and democracy.”

While calling on Whitaker to recuse himself from the probe, Galland also said that “Congress must immediately move to protect the independence of Special Counsel Mueller and put in protections that prevent Trump from firing him or undercutting his investigation or having his new acting attorney general or eventual replacement obstruct Mueller’s work.”

Organizers and participants are sharing updates from the demonstrations on social media with the hashtag #ProtectMueller.

Common Dreams will be posting photos, videos, and dispatches from around the country throughout the evening:

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